Oriental White Marble Slabs

Oriental White Marble, also known as Eastern White Marble, is a pure white marble with subtle gray veins. It is similar to other marbles on the market, but its pattern is softer, with only slight wisps of gray on a bright white background, making it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Chinese Premium White Oriental Marble Slabs


Oriental White Marble is not suitable for use in building facades due to their heavy weight and weathering, but it is the best option for use in interior facades. The use of Chinese Eastern White Marble can be as follows:

Interior walls of the building
Stairs in residential, commercial, and office complexes
Floor stone of office complexes
Interior Wall Stone

Oriental white marble, a Chinese natural marble, is a high-grade decorative material. Oriental white marble slabs are mainly used in buildings with high requirements for architectural decoration, such as interior walls, columns, floor and stair steps of memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, cinemas, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, and other large-scale public buildings. Perfect Stone’s White Oriental Marble can also be used in stair railings, service desks and door faces, wainscot, windowsill boards, skirting boards, etc.


Oriental white marble slab is more and more popular, and is widely used in home decoration. Sought after by countless young people, the age of white marble is leisurely opening. “Oriental White” marble is white and flawless, with a fine texture and a rich sense of jade. It is one of the best white marble products, comparable with the white marble imported from Italy. The rocks are all white fine-grained marble, mainly composed of calcite (97 ~ 99%).


Oriental white marble has been jointly recognized as “the first batch (2010) of national famous, excellent and special stone varieties” by China Stone Association and national stone quality inspection center of building materials industry two consecutive times.

1-The Specifications of Oriental Marble

 China New Oriental white marble tablet
20 square meters for slab or tiles.
floor, wall, countertop, sink and basin, stairs, fireplace, stone carving handicraft, lines, door cover, windowsill, threshold, the line
that play a base, wave 
Polished, honed,
Available sizes:
Big slab: Length 220-270cm, Width 140-180cm, thickness 1.5cm, 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm;
tile: 30*30,60*60,60*30, 45*45,80*80, etc. thickness 1.0-3.0cm; 
stair: 1100~1500)*(300~330)*20/30mm, (1100~1500)*(140~160)*20mm, etc;
countertop: 96”*36”, 96”*25”*1/2”, 78”*36”, 72”*36”, etc;
 sink: 450*450*150mm, 420*420*150mm, 500*350*150mm, etc;
 mosaic: 300*300*8mm, 457*457*8mm, 600*600*10mm, etc; 
Any customized size is OK. Could do as per your request.
Quality Control
 Top quality.All products are checked by experienced QC before pack. 
slab: plastic inside + strong seaworthy wooden bundle outside
tile/cut-to-size: foam inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates with reinforced straps outside
countertop: foam inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates with reinforced straps outside
 Support various customizations
 Delivery date
15-30 days after the down payments.


2-Chinese White Marble Slabs

Oriental White Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

Oriental White Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

Oriental White Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

3-Wild Ranges Applications of Natural White Marble


Oriental White Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

At the moment, Perfect Stone has three holding factories, one joint-stock decoration company, and one joint-stock quarry resource, allowing it to realize high-end space achievements ranging from creative design to stone modification to overall construction. Perfect Stone has been adhering to the integrity-based, excelsior service concepts, has been recognized by the industry and customers, is a collection of building materials products, covering marble plate wholesale, engineering processing of large stone manufacturers.

4-FAQ of Natural Marble Factory | Perfect Stone

1. What is the delivery time for mass production?

About 15 days for one container;

2. How far is your factory from the airport and train station?

From the airport and train station in about 30 minutes by car, we can pick you up;

3. Do you have an export licence?


4. Do you have an after-sale service?

Yes, good after-sale service, handling customer complaints and solving problems for customers;