Onyx Yellow Marble Slab

Chinese Onyx Yellow is a unique stone in the marble category. Its yellow, clear and dazzling, streaks into a clear, natural and pure three-dimensional feeling, making it the first choice for processing handicrafts. Chinesde Honey Onyx Marble has beautiful lines, good light transmittance and can be used for carving, background walls, hotel receptions and other places if necessary.
Material: Chinese Honey Yellow Onyx Stone
Size: 2700upx1600up, 1700upx1100up, 1500upx1300up etc.
Surface: Polished, Honed
MOQ: 100 SQM
Onyx Factory: Perfect Stone
Usages: Slabs, tiles, skirtings, window sills, steps & riser stairs, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, work tops, pillars, curbstone are all examples of applications. Paving stone, Mosaic & Borders, Sculptures,

Chinese Honey Yellow Onyx Marble Slabs


Chinese Honey Yellow Onyx Stone is a unique marble species in the marble category. Its yellow, bright, and dazzling, stripes toward clear, natural, and pure three-dimensional sense, are the first choice for processing handicrafts. Because of its unique pure yellow-golden color, especially has been in favor of Chinese and foreign merchants, its color and people’s subconscious auspiciousness, rich, power, and longevity are completely consistent, so, people to it added out of the arts and crafts are fondled.

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone

Chinese Yellow Onyx Marble Stone | Perfect Stone 


The Premium Quality Yellow Onyx Slab has beautiful lines, and good light transmittance, can be used for carving, background walls, hotel reception, and other places. If necessary, you can also use it from the back of the light past, the effect perfectly.

Chinese Yellow Onyx Stone is transparent or like marble accompanying a basic Golden color and a rich wooden-like pattern. It exists of severe fair and advantageous ripples, organized in an obscure makeup, bestowing the crystal a cute flow and shift. This charming pattern simulates a basin when a stone is hurled into it. With an allure something-like image and singular translucence, this grain is established by architects, inventors, and interior designers to build surfaces accompanying an exciting characteristic.

1-Yellow Onyx Marble Sizes Details 

You can use this or marble for ribbon, in the creation of houses, and for floors. You can use it for many various monetary purposes, to a degree of bath egotism, to decrease, countertops, interior obstruction, table tops, shower obstruction, and room for cooking food splashbacks. This gem is deliberately a clear almost-expensive grain, making it the ultimate tasteful and appreciated material on the stock exchange.

Natural Yellow Onyx Marble
Color of Marble
Honey Yellow, Golden Color
Polished, honed
300X300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, customized
Any customization is OK. Could do as per your request.
10 square meters
Free for you to check quality.
Floor, wall, countertop, sink and basin, stairs, fireplace, stone carving handicraft, lines, door cover, windowsill, threshold, the line
that play a base, wave lineup, etc.
Quality Control
Top quality. All products are checked by experienced QC before packing.
Out packaging: With seaworthy standard packaging.
Inner packaging: Plastic film and foam;
Outer Packaging: Wooden crates/ pallets.
Delivery Date
7-20 days after the order was confirmed.


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Chinese Yellow Onyx Marble is a material that has as a rule happened established in the creation of dwelling buildings, appealing constructions, and sculptures. It is for the most part collected of calcite or dolomite or an association of carbonate minerals.

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stoneOnyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stoneOnyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone


3-Yellow Onyx Marble Applications

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone

Onyx is silvery essentially and a fascinating banner on account of the occupancy of pollution in the building. Onyx is the highest-priced and most precious building stone in the world. Those stones have capabilities of each external beauty and natural resistance. Yellow onyx is crucial because the color of this stone is one of the 3 principal hues in nature, and also due to its brightness, it transmits sunlight well and is a unique desire for low-light environments. Due to the fact, this assessment of light and dark colorings creates a boundless beauty in your living surroundings or workplace.

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stoneOnyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone

This Chinese Yellow Onyx is used inside the lavatory, ground, partitions, and decorative stones. Yellow is one of the primary colors in nature. Yellow onyx can be used in locations that do not have enough light, which includes the ground of the bedroom or kitchen. because the yellow color makes a more mild and more stunning impact. Designers and domestic decorators advise yellow more than different hues in usage indoors.
Application of yellow onyx in construction
The first-class desire for the indoors and outdoors of constructing
Used within the creation of holy shrines and places of pilgrimage
Used within the production of inn foyer partitions
lavatory wall protection and toilets
Stairways of the posh and unique places

4-Chinese Onyx Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Onyx Yellow Marble Slab - onyx-stone

Yellow onyx is a great choice for modern spaces, and since interior decoration designs are also moving towards modernity, this stone is also in high demand, and because of this, its price has increased. Perfect Stone offers the best natural onyx marble at the lowest price to our clients in China and overseas. We are engaged to serve the best quality of Onyx Stone Slabs, Tiles, Sinks, Countertops, and Column Panels to all clients at a pocket-friendly price.