Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab

Black endows Noir St. Laurent Marble with mysterious black gold, decorated with flexible gold and silver threads, just like the Milky Way hanging in the night sky. Engrave the unforgettable beauty of Noir Laurent Black Marble for any indoor floors, walls, stairs, and countertops designs

Surface Finishing: Polished
Stone Form: Random Slabs, Cut-to-size project tiles
Stone Name: Noir St. Laurent Marble, Noir Sahara Marble, Noir Aziza Saint Laurent Marble
Slab Size: 2600upx1300up, 2700upx1200up, 2200upx1000up, etc.

Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

MOQ: 100-300 SQM

Black Marble Factory: Perfect Stone 

Application: hotel, office building, apartment, Living Room, etc

Payment: 30% Deposit, 70% against copy of B/L.
Loading Port: Xiamen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shanghai etc.

Luxury Black and Golden Marble Slabs-Noir St. Laurent Marble 

Noir St. Laurent Marble is a kind of black marble quarried in Tunisia. This stone is perfect for countertops, monuments, mosaics, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects.

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab has a smooth black surface like chocolate. The average brightness can reach 100° actual brightness, which can be used as a mirror. Noir St.Laurent Marble with a pure black background, white roots, and gold threads are intertwined to form a tangible grid. The three colors of black, white, and gold containNoir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs Chinese elements such as auspiciousness, splendor, and grace, decorated in the interior, highlighting the elegance and nobility of Chinese style.

Stable and noble, Laurent Black Gold Marble’s incomparable black background is like the night sky, quiet and profound. The clear and straight gold and silver threads, like bright meteors, instantly endow the night with flexibility and life, all of which make people feel the miraculous workmanship of nature.

Undoubtedly eye-catching, Sahara Noir natural marble slabs provide a distinctive and remarkable look and feel for kitchen splashbacks, countertops, or as wall cladding Gold, brown, and white striped speckles stand out against the jet-black background, creating an overall luxurious material. It is also called Marbre Noir Sahara, Marmo Nero Sahara, Nero Dorato Marble, Marmo Nero Tunisi, Black Aziza Marble, Noir Gris Aziza Marbre, Noir Aziza Marble, Nero Aziza Marble, Marmo Negro Aziza, Black Sahara Marble.

Sahara Noir Marble, also known by various names such as Black Aziza Marble and Black Mirage Marble, is a Tunisian Sahara noir marble slab with unique and elegant characteristics. stone department.

Noir Sahara marble, with unique texture color and delicate lines, is mysterious and sexy, grand and stable, perfectly showing luxury and refined taste.

One of the most popular interior decoration materials in the world-Sahara Noir Marble

Sahara Noir marble slabs are made of petrified oil and provide a classic dark background. But the main feature that makes Sahara Noir marble unique is its white and gold streaks. This is due in part to internal constituents such as silicon and metal oxides and the recrystallization of calcite. Another feature of these stripes is that they generally appear as clouds or wavy streaks that have no exact logic in marble. In the case of St. Laurent Black Marble Slab (Noir Sahara), it appears as clean lines that sometimes intersect perpendicularly, like in Piet Mondrian’s paintings.
In addition to the classic design of walls and floors, Sahara Noir marble tile is highly valued as a material for the manufacture of special projects and design objects. One of the many examples is the Tulip Sahara Noir marble table. An element of extreme elegance and sophistication, it can embellish entire environments in both glossy and matte finishes. Sahara Noir marble, which is not a very compact marble, needs a resin coating to accentuate its black color, increase its resistance and strengthen its structure.

The Specification of Sahara Black Marble | Perfect Stone Luxury Marble Collection 

St. Noir Laurent Marble, Noir Sahara Marble
Surface Finish Choice
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Grooved, Inclined, Stripped, Bush-hammered, Tumbled, Antique, Brushed, Picked, Split, Rough, Sawn, Water-hydraulic, Mushroom, etc.
Dry-hangs, Cut-to-Sizes, Panels, Slabs, Tops, Blocks, Pavings, Kerbs, etc.
Common Sizes
The below sizes are common ones, we can also do them according to your requirement.
300X300, 300X600, 600×600, etc.
10, 18, 20, 30, etc.
2400upx600, 2400upx800,
2500upx1200up, etc.
16,17,20,30, etc.
1800×560, 2100×560, 2400×560, etc.
20, 30, etc.
Vanity Tops
1200×560, 1500×560, 1800×560, etc.
20, 30, etc.
200×200, 400×400, 600×400, 800×400, etc.
Lx20x30, Lx15x30, Lx12x30, etc.

Luxury Black and Gold Marble Slabs Inventory In China | Perfect Stone 

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs   Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs   Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Sahara Noir (Nero Aziz) is a Tunisian marble with a particularly elegant combination of black and gold-white streaks. Mainly suitable for interior decoration (floors, kitchen worktops, bathroom cladding, shower floors, etc.). Noir Laurent black gold marble, a high-grade stone in black marble, has several classic gold and white lines drawn in deep black, which are either passionate or calm.

Deluxe Interior Designs Gallery With Noir St. Laurent Black Marble | Perfect Stone

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs

-Noir Laurent Black Marble is perfectly used in some luxury hotels and mansion interior decoration projects, from floor, wall, and bathroom countertops.

The high-end sense of high-end residential and luxury hotels can never be shaped without the classic color black. Different combinations give different textures to the home design, which can always make people see. St.Noir Laurent Gold Marble is such an excellent and luxurious natural stone, which is loved by interior space designers and builders at home and abroad.

Chinese Luxury Black Marble Slabs and Project Tiles Factory | Perfect Stone 

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs

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Q: Can the machine be customized to your needs, such as putting on our logo?

A: Put on your logo is also available.

Q: May I know which payment will be accepted by your company?

A: So far 100%T/T before shipment, 30% deposit paid by T/T, and balance paid by L/C are available.

Q: Can we visit your factory before placing the order?

A: Yes, very welcome. It must be nice to set up a good relationship for business.

Noir St. Laurent Marble Slab - marble-slabs