New G654 Grey Granite Tiles Polished

Brand:Perfect stone


New G654 granite is the national standard stone classification number of sesame black and sesame gray granite. It is originally produced in Changle, Changtai, Zhangpu, Longhai and other places in Fujian Province. The reserves of Fangyang Town, Changtai County, Fujian are particularly rich. Granite, which is very popular with designers and consumers in the international market, its annual domestic sales and export volume are very amazing.

G654 grey  granite countertop texture is clear and natural. Granite has a wide variety of hues, colors and textures, with a wide range of choices. The color of G654 granite is particularly beautiful after being polished, showing luxury and nobility. If you use it to make various shaped products to decorate your home, I believe it will bring you good enjoyment!

G654 grey granite countertops are durable. Its dry compressive strength is 218.3 MPA, which is one of the stones with higher hardness and good wear resistance. Unlike other materials, it will not be burned by high-temperature tableware. Properly sealed regularly, granite can resist stains and discoloration. Properly sealing the granite countertop helps to maintain the beautiful and shiny luster of the granite countertop for a long time.

G654 granite is one of the most famous granite stones in the world. It can be used as a variety of buildings and gardens such as plates, floor coverings, countertops, carvings, engineering exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, floors, square engineering panels, environmental decoration roadside stones, etc.

New G654 Grey Granite Tiles Polished - granite-tiles

New G654 Grey Granite Tiles Polished - granite-tiles

New G654 Grey Granite Tiles Polished - granite-tiles