Nero Marquina Marble Slabs

Chinese black color stone-Nero Marquina Marble is a stunning combination of deep black with white veins. It is available in a polished finish in both cut-to-size tiles, countertops sinks, and random slabs from Perfect Stone Marble Factory, and is recommended for both interior and exterior use in areas with freezing climates for projects including landscaping, flooring, countertops, and walls.

  • Black Marble Item: Nero Marquina Marble, Black Marquina Marble 
  • Random Slab Size: 3100upx2000up, 2800upx1700up, 2600upx1500up, etc.
  • Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed, Antique, etc.
  • MOQ: 100 SQM or 1 lot
  • Chinese Marble Factory: Perfect Stone 
  • Products Range: Wall or floor covering tiles, customized countertops, vanity tops, tables, and worktops.
  • Packages: 2cm T Fumigated wooden pallets with film. (10-14 pcs/pallets, 6 -7 pallets/ 20GP.)
                   3cm T Fumigated wooden pallets with film. (7-9 pcs/pallets, 6 -7 pallets/ 20GP.)
  • Payment: T/T, L/C at sight 

Nero Marquina Black Marble Random Polished Slabs 

Nero Marquina marble is a deep black primary color with white veins across the whole random slab surface. It’s an original Chinese natural marble. Nero Marquina black marble is one of the most famous and popular black and white color natural stones for the world wild market from China. Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabsNero Marquina Marble Slabs are used as black marble in projects worldwide. It is considered by many to be the quintessential black marble. Arguably, one of the reasons for its abundance is its high production volume, which is readily available worldwide at a relatively low price.

A natural Marquina Nero Marble with a distinctive white streak pattern on a jet-black background. While there are several different veins, from slabs to slabs, some slabs have fewer white veins, some have more veins. And some may have straight steak white veins, while others do not, like mass flower patterns. 4 different white veins of Marble Nero Marquina fit different construction project requirements.

Chinese Marble Marquina Black’s dense veining gives it the appearance of a starry night sky, adorned with streaks of lightning that never repeat the same pattern. The cool touch of natural stone brings a touch of sophistication to any interior space.

Nero Marquina marble does not need to be polished or polished and blends perfectly with gold-tone, wood accents, or plum-tone designs. Natural stone has a porcelain-like effect, giving it a delicate and elegant look.

Nero Marquina marble has excellent technical properties and is used for all purposes. Polishing is arguably the most common finish to bring out the material’s natural shine.

1-Application of Nero Marquina Marble 

The fine grain of the Nero Marquinia marble, its brilliance, and the color contrast created by the black background and white streaks make it an incredibly valuable marble, whether used alone or in combination with white marble. is. The alternation of bright white streaks and dense black streaks is visually appealing and very elegant, especially for the creation of Nero Marquina marble floors, wall coverings, staircases, and fireplaces.

Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

• Making Marquina marble one of the preferred choices of interior designers. , tend to favor luxury homes and the luxury hospitality industry.

2-Tech Data and Basic Sizes List of Black Marquina Marble | Perfect Stone 

Tech Data:

Technical Specifications Metric Test type (Dry/wet) ASTM
Absorption by Weight, % 0.27 N/A C97-02
Bulk Specific Gravity 2660 kg/m3 N/A C97-02
Compression Strength (MPa) 208 Dry C170-06
Compression Strength (MPa) 184 Wet C170-06
Modulus of Rupture (MPa) 10.30 Dry C99-87
Modulus of Rupture (MPa) 10.2 Wet C99-87
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa) 8.0 Dry C880-06
Flexural Strength psi, (MPa) 7.9 Wet C880-06

Basic Size Details of Natural Marble 

Materials Chinese Black and White Marble-Nero Marquina
Design Style Modern, Traditional, European, Postmodern, Coastal, Mediterranean, and Asian
Surface Finishing Polished, flamed, brushed, waterjet, and other processing
Stone Form Cut-to-Size
Delivery time 7-15 days
MOQ 100 SQM, 1lot
Usage Wall, floor, customized, countertop, vanity top, table, worktop
Size of Marble 

305x305x10mm, 305x610x10mm

300x300x10mm, 300x600x15/20/25/30mm





2400upx600/700/800/900×20/30mm, 2400upx1200upx14/16/18/20/30mm

Customized size and thickness, shape, etc.

Color Various options 
Packing Strong wooden crate
Edge processing Various designs, Customized

Perfect Stone chooses the best stone material from domestic and foreign quarries.

Finishing: polished, honed, Antique with acid treatment. Water jet

Products: Marble Tile, Marble Slab, Marble Countertop, Marble Vanity Top, Marble Flooring Tile. Marble Wall Cladding, Marble Line, Marble Mosaic, Marble Pattern, Marble Water jet. Marble Pillar, Marble Column, etc.

3-Marble Inventory Warehouse of Nero Marquina Marble 

Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs   Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs   Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

Black Marquina Chinese Black Marble promotes an essential elegance that does not have to resort to decorative charges to add dynamism to any space. Its stunning black aesthetic covers interior design projects(floor covering and wall cladding) that are currently setting the benchmark for quality and exclusivity.

4-Chinese Black Marble Large Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Nero Marquina Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

-Indoor Floor, Wall with our Nero Marquina Marble Tiles, or Mosaic Designs 

Gangsaw Slab 2cm T Fumigated wooden pallets with film. (10-14 pcs/pallets, 6 -7 pallets/ 20GP.)
3cm T Fumigated wooden pallets with film. (7-9 pcs/pallets, 6 -7 pallets/ 20GP.)

-Loading Quantity of Marble Random Slabs 

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