Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs

Natural onyx green stone is one of those marbles that are installed in most residential and commercial buildings, such as house facade cladding, hotel lobby designs, columns, and bathroom designs. Green Onxy stone is used to create surfaces where the signature property of transparency to light can be dramatically exploited to embellish fireplaces, small islands, walls, and bar tops. Green Onyx stone is a favorite natural stone for exterior and interior flooring and cladding, and is used in both architecture and sculpture.
Material: Green Onxy Stone, Green Onxy Marble Slabs
Size: 2100upx130up, 2500upx1800up, etc.
Surface: Polished will be the best one
MOQ: 100 SQM
Onyx Quarry and Factory: Perfect Stone
Application: Green Onyx stone can be used for vanity tops, stairs, countertops, sinks, balustrades, fireplaces, mosaics, pavers, ornamental stone and other design projects.

Natural Translucent Green Onyx Marble Slabs


Natural onyx marble slab can promote physical and mental health; since ancient times, we have believed that jade “collects the essence of heaven and earth” can best store “qi”; houses of wealth and wealth use onyx bowls, onyx pillows, etc. to help the body and mind; it has glossy luster, brilliant color, Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stonewarm and delicate, it is a special ore transparent in nature.

Translucent Onyx Marble decoration is suitable for: TV background wall, entrance, floor, bathroom sink (countertop), etc.

Because of its unpredictable texture and transparent texture, the Natural Green Onyx is loved by everyone. So what kind of dreamy and beautiful effect will the two beautiful slabs be combined with the backlight? There are only things that you cannot think about, some like mountains, some like buddha statues, some like sea of clouds, and some like monsters.

When you hang such a background wall at home, the Dark Green Onyx has a very luxurious visual effect. When the built-in lighting is on, the natural patterns on the luxurious and highly polished surface of the onyx slab and the embedded gemstones glow with dazzling light. In the atmospheric space, the noble qualities can be interpreted more brilliantly, emphasizing everyone’s attitude.

The unique natural texture gives the translucent onyx background wall an irresistible charm, which is also unique in the application of various high-end places.

1-Green Onyx Marble Sizes Information by Perfect Stone

Natural Green Onyx Marble Polished Slabs and Tiles Factory
Brand Perfect Stone
available size 12”x12”(305x305x10mm)
1.8cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x1.8cm

3cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x3.0cm

Customized sizes are available

Stone shape Stair
Surface processing Polished, honed
Color Green
Packing Fumigated wood crates
We accept customized packing
MOQ NO MOQ, It depends on client requirements.
Supply Ability 10000 m2/Month
Delivery Detail it depends on the order quantity.
Payment terms T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance against B/L COPY

Green Onyx Slabs are a type of stone that belongs to the category of chalcedony which is microcrystalline. Natural Onyx Marble has several parallel bands and lines next to it, which makes it so unique and beautiful. Different colors of onyx are available around the world, with white and black being the most popular and favored by most groups of people. 

2-Onyx Marble Slabs Warehouses | Perfect Stone

Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stoneNatural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stoneNatural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone


Green Onyx Marble is a fantastically luxurious marble that is very popular in bookmatched applications and backlight effects. Onyx stone, available in polished finish, can be used in many ways for home and office decoration. Perfect Stone as a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter of green onyx stone offers green onyx stone in various dimensional shapes of green onyx tile, block, slab, or tile.

3-Translucent Onyx Stone Series and Applications

Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

Luxurious Interior Kitchen Designs by using Natural Green Onyx Stone, From Kitchen Island, tops, to Wall Background

Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone  Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone  Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

Natural Onyx Tables                                        Green Onyx Tiles For Interior Designs             Onyx Marble Medallion Designs For Hotel and Office

The above 4 photos are the main Onyx Stone products you can get from Perfect Stone. The use of seamless colorful onyx marbles has drastically exceeded in recent years and the wide range of colors, qualities, and shapes with which it is represented has placed it among the best in markets around the world. This onyx marble stone is widely used by builders, architects, and interior designers to build surfaces with a dramatic appearance. Since this natural stone can be used both indoors and outdoors, this natural stone is preferably used for building tabletops, stylish bar tops, fireplaces, accent walls, fountains, sculptures, decorative pieces, etc.

4-Onyx Marble Factory in China 

The long shelf life and high resistance of onyx marble stone is a breakthrough and has received a lot of attention in the market lately. With its jewel-like appearance and unique translucency.

Natural Translucent Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

Green Onyx has a hardness of 6.5-7 and is commonly found in Mexico, Peru, the USA, India, Brazil, and Madagascar. Believed to induce honesty and attract positive waves in nature, green onyx is a symbol of self-confidence, making it a lot more suitable for people who want to speak in public or formal or informal meetings.

Perfect Stone is one of the top natural stone suppliers in the global market and provides Green Onyx in slabs, tiles, and different sizes, dimensions, and finishes. Explore more of our products and contact us for an inquiry!