Natural Slate Floor Wall Tile

Model Number:Slate
Surface Finishing:Split
Slate Erosion Resistance:Antacid
Stone Form:Tile
Stone Name:Black slate
Feature:manufacturer/ supplier

Product Introduction

Natural Slate Floor Wall Tile - slate



Natural slate floor wall tile


400*200mm(16''*8'')   600*300mm(24''*12'')  

300*300mm(12''*12'')  350*250mm(14'*10'')

400*250mm(16''*10'')  500*300mm(20''*12'')




Rusty,grey ,black




Villa roof, roofing tile, Interior & exterior wall decoration, Construction, etc.


Natural split.


With good acid; low water absorption; excellent antifreeze and heat resistance

Other products

Slate roof,culture slate

Slate is a metamorphic rock with plate-like cleavage mainly composed of muddy and silty sand.

Black slate can be opened with very thin slabs and is dense and impervious to water.It can be used as paving slabs, roof tiles, western dishes and billiard tables, cultural stones (wall tiles), etc.

Natural Slate Floor Wall Tile - slate


Natural Slate Floor Wall Tile - slate

Black slate

Natural Slate Floor Wall Tile - slate


Over the years, many facts have proved that natural stone has become one of the most popular flooring materials. They have some potential.

In characteristics, it is very suitable for bathroom floor materials. Slate, as a natural stone, its inherent characteristics make it an ideal bathroom floor material, its advantages are as follows:


For example,some owners will complain about the "traffic map" on the slate floor, which means that frequent pedestrian movements will cause the slate to wear and form pits. This is untrue. It must be pointed out that the reason for this "traffic map" is the curing agent often used on slate tiles. The reason why slate brick is an ideal material for bathrooms is that it is very wear-resistant. This is why many people recommend installing slate flooring in areas with heavy traffic.

Aesthetic Value

The popularity of slate in the home, including indoors and outdoors, Its unique surface provides rich and diverse designs and colors, all of which are natural. Bricks vary from brick to brick, which makes the bathroom unique. However, different colors and designs will not lead to uncoordinated patterns. In fact, this will only increase the beauty of slate bricks, because they give people a different feeling, which is not achieved by other floor tiles, even if they are also natural stone tiles.