Natural Onyx Stone Slab For Countertop And Background Wall

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Natural jade (natural jade) refers to a collection of minerals that have no artificial chemical treatment, are produced by nature, and have beautiful appearance, durability, scarcity and craft value. A few are amorphous. Applied disciplines: materials science and technology (first-level discipline); natural materials (second-level discipline); minerals (third-level discipline).
The river water is flowing, so the jade in the river channel, the jade becomes fine and crystal clear, like a fat after a long river rafting, such natural jade seed is the best quality. The mining in the mountain is basically mountain ore, and then there are many difficult to carve because it is in the stone. Then, after careful carving by the master, you can become beautiful jade carvings in the shop.

Product Introduction

Identification method

The composition of natural jade is mainly silicate

① Observation of gloss: True jade articles, whether translucent or opaque, have a warm luster. It is normal to have a small amount of impurities or cotton-like patterns in the interior; fake jade articles are dry in color, dull and dull, and some have bubbles.

②Hardness measurement: Carving and scraping with a knife, no trace of real jade.

③ Proportion: The real jade is heavy in touch, while the fake is light.

④ Listen to the sound: Hang the jade with a thread, and hit it with a hard object. The sound of the authentic product is crisp and sweet, and the aftertaste is melodious; the fake is relatively dull and dry.

⑤ Look at the fracture: Observe with a 10x magnifying glass. The fractures of the real jade are uneven, showing a relatively dense structure; the fractures of the fake jade are neatly lit, often glass imitations, the fracture structure is rough, and the waxy gloss is Stone imitation.

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