Natural Blue Gemstone Slab

Blue Agate Gemstone Slabs, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit up from behind, create unique colour effects and add original touches to a room. Perfect Stone is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of agate slabs. The wide range of agate slabs comprises agate slabs with backlite for luxury villas, hotels, mansions and interior designs.
Materail: Backlit Blue Agate Gemstone Slabs
Dimensions: 277 x 147 cm, 315 x 190 cm
Thickness 2 to 3 cm in size
Surface: Polished and with Backlit Designs
Gmestone Factory: Perfect Stone
MOQ: 1 slab at least
Application: Blue Agate Slab can be used to make tabletops, countertops, walls, floors, showers and any stone design feature.