Leather Mongolian Black Granite Floor Tiles

Surface Finishing:Leather
Stone Form:Tile
Stone Name:Black granite
Feature:manufacturer/ supplier
Size:as required


Mongolian black granite was first produced in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and Jianping, Liaoning. Later, basalts in Jining, Inner Mongolia and other places were also successively mined. They are all called Mongolian black. They are granite, and their granules are relatively fine. After polishing, the color of the surface is black but there are A little yellowish, there are some white spots on the surface.

Due to the surge in foreign trade practitioners later, each one called, there was no uniform name for foreign countries, and some foreign buyers were not professional enough, so Chinese black stone was called Chinese black, so its name was very confusing. Zhenhei, Mongolian black, Shanxi black, Hebei black and some other pure black Chinese stones are generally called Chinese black. In fact, there are differences for the stone industry.


Black granite is one of the most popular granite in the market,it’s suitable using for construction.

Mongolian black granite tiles is suitable using for interior,outdoor wall and floor.

Leather granite looks more natural and non slip,it’s good for floor tiles.



Inspection of the angle is measured with a 90 steel square ruler with an internal angle perpendicularity tolerance of 0.13 mm and an internal angle side length of 500 mm*400 mm. Place the short side of the square rule against the short side of the plate? The long side of the square rule against the long side of the plate? Use a feeler gauge or vernier caliper to measure the maximum gap between the length of the plate and the long side of the square. When the length of the plate is less than or equal to 500mm? Any diagonal angle of the plate can be measured? When the long side of the plate is greater than 500mm? Measure the four corners of the plate. The measured value of the maximum gap represents the angular tolerance of the plate? The measured value is accurate to 0.1mm.


Polished, honed, flamed,machine sawn, flamed+brushed,antique,pipeappled,chiseled,Sandblasted,Water jet,etc.


1)Tile -12″x12″x3/8″,16″x16″x3/8″,300x600mm,600x600mm,30x90mm,etc.

2)Gangsaw slab – – 150upx250upx2/3/4cm;

3)Small slab — 60/70/80upx180~300×2/3/4cm;

4)Countertop — 96″/108″x26″/36″x2/3cm; as customers’ designs.

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