Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab

Noir Sahara Marble (Noir Laurent Black Marble) features a deep black background crossed by white and golden veins. This Black and Golden Marble is perfect for luxurious modern environments. Designers and construction companies adore this luxury black marble in bookmatched wall treatments. If you are searching for a feature to enhance the design of your commercial or residential project, Sahara Noir Marble is the way to go. Its clean black and straight-colored veins create a difference in any location, such as a kitchen, bathroom floors or walls, or a living room.
Marble Surface: Polished, Honed
Marle Size: 600600 mm (24 x 24 inch), 6001200 mm (24 x 48 inch), 800800 (3232 inch)
Project Decoration: Residential & Commercial Buildings, Villas, etc.
MOQ: 100 SQM
Factory: Perfect Stone

Noir Saint Laurent Marble Slabs For Interior Designs

Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab, produced in Tunisia. It’s a smooth black surface like chocolate. The average brightness can reach 100° true brightness, which can be used as a mirror. With a pure black background, white roots and gold threads are interlaced to form a tangible Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab - marble-slabsgrid. The three colors of black, white and gold contain Chinese elements such as auspiciousness, splendor and grace, and are decorated in the interior, highlighting the elegance and nobility of Chinese style.

Black Saint Laurent Marble is also called Black Roland. The black marble has a black background, and the lines are simple and neat, like a straight line interspersed in it. The thickness is harmonious, so that the entire layout appears clear, neat and regular, regardless of its color matching or texture structure. They all seem very comfortable, simple and generous.

Steady and noble, its incomparable black background is like a dark night sky, quiet and deep. Saint Laurent Black Marble with those clear and straight lines of gold and silver, like shining meteors, instantly gave the night agility and life, and all made people sigh with the magical work of nature.

Saint Laurent Black Marble allows us to sway in a wide range of styles, such as classic, modern, urban, industrial, or minimalist, whether in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. However, regardless of the decorative line we choose, selecting Noir Sahara Marble will always be a sign of security, confidence, and, most importantly, elegance.


1-Noir Saint Laurent Black Marble 

Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab - marble-slabs

2-Specifications of Black and Gold Marble 


Marble Slab: (1600-2400) x (1200-2000) x(18-30)mm
Marble Cut to Size: 305×305mm(12″×12″), 300×300mm(12″×12″)
300×600mm(12″×24″), 610×305mm(24″×12″)
600×600mm(24″×24″), or customized sizes.
Marble Countertop: 92”x25 1/2”, 92″x26″, 92”x22 1/2”, etc
customized design is available.
Marble Vanity top: 25” x22” , 37″x22 “, 49″x22 1/2”, 61″x22 1/2″, etc
customized design is available.
Marble Table top: Square or round, the sizes as your drawing.
Project Decoration: Residential & Commercial Building, Villa, etc.
Other: Flooring&wall, background, Staircase, Column, etc.


3-Why Noir Laurent Golden Marble Pros

The Sahara Noir marble slab is made of fossilized oil, giving it a traditional dark background. The key feature that distinguishes Sahara Noir marble is certainly its white and golden veins, which are caused by some of its internal components such as silicon and oxidized metal, as well as the recrystallization of calcites. Another feature of these streaks is that, unlike on marble, where they appear as clouds or undulating veins with no discernible logic, they appear as crisp lines that sometimes connect perpendicularly, almost like in a Piet Mondrian painting.


4-Marble Collections from Perfect Stone

Laurent Black Gold Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Aside from the traditional fabrication of walls and floors, Sahara Noir marble is highly valued as a material for the manufacture of unique projects and design objects. The Tulip Sahara Noir marble table is one example among many: an element of extraordinary beauty and refinement capable of enriching the entire area with both a glossy and a matte finish.