Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite

The Dark Blue Granite Lemurian Labradorite’s rich luster and highly reflective surface derive from the composition of the semi-precious labradorite deposit. This material’s crystalline structure has long been prized by jewelers and craftspeople because it glows in the slightest light. Labradorite Granite is a very exotic, rare, and special-looking stone that is sure to make your projects stand out.
Materail: Labradorite Blue Granite Stone
Size: 2600upx1700up, 2300upx1100up, 2800upx1700up, etc
Slab Thickness: 18,20,30 mm
Surface: High Polished
MOQ: 100 SQM, or as needed for your project.
Blue Granite Factory: Perfect Stone
Application: Flooring, columns, walls, mosaic, cladding, countertops, furniture, sinks, showers, and sculptures for commercial building interior and exterior projects

Labradorite Blue Granite Slabs For Countertops and Project Tiles

Labradorite Lemurian blue granite with blue, green, black, and turquoise are some of the colors. This Blue Granite is rich in labradorite and has a lustrous color sculpted by internal fissures that reproduce light.
Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabsLabradorite Granite Slab is available in a variety of beautiful shades of blue, green, black, and turquoise. Lemurian blue granite slabs are rich in labradorite deposits quarried in Madagascar. Labradorite Lemurian Granite is a beautiful colored mineral produced by the light-reflecting cracks inside. This stone is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops and wall applications.

Labradorite blue granite slabs are an expensive beauty, a greenish blue complements this deep-hued stone and overall golden hue. This material is called labradorite, sometimes called Sumerian blue, and is mined on the island of Madagascar. Labradorite is a granite whose crystal structure makes it look almost like quartzite, but it is granite.


Labradorite Blue Granite Slabs are one of the most popular and exclusive building materials and have been used both indoors and outdoors for thousands of years. It is used for almost all outdoor applications, such as paving, bridge construction, buildings, and monuments. Polished granite slabs and tiles are popular for applications such as countertops, tile floors, and various decorative features.

Lemurian Blue Labradorite Granite is great for countertops, but its crystal-like structure makes it translucent enough to be backlit, making it in demand in many restorations and bars. It is the best material when you want to create a sense of transparency without using any fabric. Its popularity never wanes.



Labradorite Madagascar Blue Granite features an overall rich blue-green color with patches of shimmering maroon, aquamarine, and silver. This rare stone, quarried in Madagascar, is ideal for lavish kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, but its stunning characteristics will elevate the quality of any project.


1-Labradorite Blue Granite Slabs and Tile Standard Sizes Information 


Granite is, without a question, the most common stone variety used in today’s countertop applications. Because of their hardness, low absorption rates, and durability to high temperatures, granites are an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, flooring, and other heavily used surfaces. Many stone materials that are not true granites by geological definition are included in this group of stones in a commercial sense.

Products Natural Blue Labradorite Granite Polished Slabs
Items Slabs, Tiles, Skirting, Countertops, Vanity tops, treads, risers, Bar tops, Dining Tables, Paving stones, mosaics, Borders, Kerbs, Tombstones, etc.
Dimension 1. Gangsaw slabs: 240up x 120up cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm etc
2. Half Slabs: 180~240×60/70/80/90cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, etc
3. Cut to size: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 30x60cm, 60x6cm, 120x60cm etc
4. Tiles: 30.5×30.5x1cm, 40x40x1cm, 45.7×45.7x1cm
5. Countertops: 96”x26”, 108”x26”, 96”x36”, 108”x36” or custom size
6. Vanity Tops: 25”x19”/22”, 31”x19”/22”, 37”x19”/22”, 43”x22”, 49”x22”, 61”x22”, 73”x22”
Edge Process Flat Polished, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, 1/4” bevel, 3/8” Round, Ogee, Dupont, Waterfall, Pencil, Miter edge, Chiseled Edge, etc
Surface Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Chiseled, Bush Hammered, Pineapple, Water Jet.


2-Polished Jumbo Slabs of Labradorite Granite 

Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs   Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs

Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs   Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs


3-Full Range Labradorite Granite Products From Perfect Stone Factory 

Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs

-Hotel Lobby with Labradorite Blue Granite Floor Paving Slabs and Stairs

Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs  Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs

-Bathroom Designs with Blue Labradorite Sink and Vanity Countertops                                  -Labradorite Granite Tables Designs 

Perfect Stone provides a full range of Labradorite Blue Granite Items, from Kitchen Countertops, outside and inside wall and floor uses, monuments, mosaics, fountains, pools, and other design projects for any commercial projects.


4-Chinese Blue Granite Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Labradorite Lemurian Blue Granite - granite-slabs

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