Italy Silver Grey Travertine Slab

Travertine Silver is as elegant as the quarry mountains of Italy, with fresh, natural tones and clean, orderly, smooth lines. Classic and Luxury Natural Stone Italian Silver Travertine is suitable for floor tiles and wall coverings. Travertine has been used in buildings since ancient times.

Surface Finishing: Polished, honed, leathered, brushed, sandblasted, water-jet, etc.
Stone Form: Slabs
Stone Name: Italian Blue travertine, Silver Italian Travertine, Italian Blue Travertine
Travertine Manufacturer/ supplier: Perfect Stone
Size: 2400upx1200up, 2500upx1300up, 2200upx1100up, etc.

Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

Usages: Background wall, kitchen, bathroom, bar, office, and counter decorations for commercial buildings project.

Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

Packages: Strong fumigated seaworthy wooden bundles, and crates, reinforced with iron angles. All rigid packing material is treated and marked in compliance with ISPM 15.

Italian Luxury Silver Gray Travertine Random Slabs

Travertine Silver is an Italian travertine quarried in the Tivoli Quarry. Italy Silver Grey Travertine Slab has a beige background that contrasts with alternating taupe stripes. When used inside or outside, it creates a breathtaking effect.

Italian silver grey travertine, the scientific name is travertine, and the English word: (Travertine) is a kind of porous rock, so people usually call it travertine. Travertine is a kind of porous rock. Commercially, it is classified as marble. Travertine belongs to continental sedimentary rock, which is a kind of calcium carbonate deposit. Since pores sometimes appear in the process of re-accumulation, and because its main component is calcium carbonate, it is quickly dissolved and corroded by water, so many natural irregular pores will appear in these deposits.Italy Silver Grey Travertine Slab - travertine

Travertine is generally divided into white travertine and beige travertine. There are two shades of color. Some are called yellow travertine and white travertine. The English name is travertine, which is directly translated as tuff or travertine. Its main feature is the presence of gas in carbonate minerals during the deposition process, resulting in the formation of many holes.

There are generally Roman travertine, Iranian travertine, and travertine produced in Turkey and other places. Roman travertine is darker in color, more obvious in texture, and better in texture; healthy travertine is lighter in color, loose in texture, and weak in strength. This type of stone can be polished and has obvious texture characteristics. The bending strength is anisotropic. The bending strength in the vertical grain direction (strong direction) is about 6 MPa, and some exceed 7 MPa; the bending strength in the parallel grain direction (weak direction) is 4 MPa. From left to right, the difference in material and pattern is sometimes around 5MPa, sometimes very low, not exceeding MPa; the chaotic direction is between them, and the texture at this time is in the thickness direction.

The fresh and natural color of the Italian Silver Travertine Stone and the clean, orderly, and smooth lines make you feel the dignity and nobility unique to Italian women, creating a simple and comfortable space.

Size Details of Silver Travertine | Blue Travertine | Perfect Stone 


Silver Gray Travertine Random Slabs

Brand Perfect Stone
available size 12”x12”(305x305x10mm)
1.8cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x1.8cm3cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x3.0cmCustomized sizes are available
Stone shape Slab
Surface processing Polished, honed
Color Beige
Packing Fumigated wood crates
We accept customized packing
MOQ NO MOQ, It depends on the client’s requirements.
Supply Ability 50000 m2/Month
Delivery Detail It depends on the order quantity.
For regular customers, we offer incredible discounts, sample free shipping, free sample for custom design, custom packaging, and QC as per custom requirements.
We accept customized designs.
Payment terms T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance against B/L COPY

What are the disadvantages of travertine?

1. The true density of the travertine itself is relatively high, but due to the existence of a large number of holes, the volumeItaly Silver Grey Travertine Slab - travertine density is low, the water absorption rate is increased, and the strength is reduced. Due to the large number of natural defects such as textures, lines, mud bands, and cracks, the uniformity of performance of this material is poor. In particular, the dispersion of the bending strength is very large.

2. Natural defects are also the main reason for the poor freeze resistance of this material. There are many reasons why this material is used on the wall, especially because the dry hanging method is used on the outer wall in a large area, which has a very high risk.

Straight-veined Silver Grey Travertine is most in demand as it fits well into modern design schemes. Perfect Stone specializes in Italian travertine from quarries to get the best raw travertine blocks. In an attractive silver-gray warm cream, Italian Silver Travertine is a material with considerable tonal variation, allowing you to choose warm or cool tones. The dark gray texture of the Italian Silver Blue Travertine has a strong sense of creating a calm space and a deep artistic conception, which always makes people feel sophisticated and nostalgic. It combines its rough texture, its delicate texture, its clear hierarchy, its hardness, and its softness. The products are full of simplicity, simplicity, and the beauty of life’s vicissitudes, with an understated and luxurious aesthetic. Silver Gray Travertine Stone as a superbly versatile stone that can be used with a wide range of finishes and comes in large blocks and slabs for all kinds of cut-to-size stonework including external.

Project Cases of Silver Italian Travertine 

Italy Silver Grey Travertine Slab - travertine

Tech Data of Silver Travertine

Type Material Travertine
Country Italy
Prevailing Market Worldwide
Compressive Strength 945/kg cm²
After Freezing 930/kg cm²
Ultimate Tensile Strength 125/kg cm²
Coef. Thermal Expansion 0.0050 mm/m°C
Water Absorption 01.30
Impact Test/min. Fall Height 30.00 cm
Frictional Wear Test
Bulk Density 2430 kg/m³

Silver Travertine Floor Tile can be used for a number of applications, wall tiles, floor tiles, and even wall cladding for any interior and exterior project. Travertine is elegant and brings a dark warmth into your space. Architects and Interior Designers utilize Italian Travertine in both commercial and residential settings.

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Italy Silver Grey Travertine Slab - travertine

Perfect Stone provides wild ranges of Silver Travertine Tiles For External Wall Cladding, Swimming Pool, Interiors, Wall, Flooring, which are suitable for any commercial, residential decoration projects.