Honey Onyx Slabs

Chinese Yellow Onyx is chalcedony or the banded form of quartz. It is also used in intricate stone carvings, jewelry, bowls, and pottery, often with a translucent quality that makes it a gorgeous finish in bathrooms, kitchens, and indoors. Natural Onyx Marbles are the ideal way to turn a blank wall, floor, or bathroom into a showcase for your unique style.

  • Onyx Marble: Chinese Honey Yellow Onyx
  • Slab Size: 2800upx900up, 2500upx90up, 2600upx1500up
  • Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Onyx Surface Treatment: Polished, Honed 
  • MOQ: 100 SQM
  • Types of Application: wall tiles, flooring tiles, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, worktops, window sills, skirting, steps & riser stairs.
  • Onyx Quarry and Factory: Perfect Stone
  • Payment: 30%-50% deposit by TT, 70%-50% balance before shipment, Western Union

Chinese Honey Yellow Backlit Onyx Polished Slabs

Onyx Honey Marble is a natural stone with white and ivy tones and streaks on a warm beige background. Sometimes the predominant hue is ocher with darker orange stripes, making it bright and transparent. Honey Onyx Slabs are perfect for indoor floor, wall, and countertop usage, including the backlight. Ideal for furniture, artistic elements, objects, and sculptures.

Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

-Yellow Cozy Color of Chinese Yellow Onyx Stone | Perfect Stone 

Yellow Honey Onyx is a golden translucent stone that is quarried in China. This onyx has two cut directions that can produce two different textures.

-Vein Cut Honey Yellow OnyxHoney Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

One is a vein cut. The streaks in the manufactured Honey Vein Cut Onyx resemble natural wood grain, with small white spots like ice cracks between the grains.

-Honey Yellow Onyx Cross Cut

The other is a crosscut version. The stripes on the cross-section of the Honey Yellow Onyx Slab are relatively inconspicuous and the particles are primarily present as small dark yellow dots. Some large slabs have white lines and some slabs have bright red circular patterns. The style of this type of onyx slab is close to orange onyx. These two onyx slabs are very similar.

Tech Data of Onyx





Compressive strength:


After freezing:

930 /Kg cm2

Ultimate tensile strength:

125 /Kg cm2

Coef. Thermal expansion:

0,005 /Kg cm2

Water absorption:


Impact test/min. Fall height:
Frictional wear test:

First of all, Honey Yellow Onyx like other onyx marbles has a good light transmission effect, which is its distinguishing feature from different materials, and its conventional light transmission rate is about 30%~80%.

1-Specification of Yellow Onyx Stone

Products Name: China Natural Transparent Yellow Honey Onyx Marble Stone Slab and Tiles Factory
Quarry Location: China
Color: Yellow
Finishing: polishing, honing, flame, mechanical saw, flame + napping, antique, elbow, chisel, sandblasting, water spraying, etc.
Stone products: fixed-size tiles, random small boards, hacksaw boards, steps and risers, countertops, wash basin countertops,
kitchen countertops, sinks, sculptures, garden supplies, etc.
Tile size: 12″ x12″ x3/8″, 16″ x16″ x3/8″, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 30x90mm, etc.
Packing: strong wooden box
(1) From cutting to packaging quality control, check one by one.
(2) Thickness tolerance +/- 1mm (for thin ceramic tiles +/- 0.5mm)
(3) According to the market, the polishing degree is 70 to 95,
Production lead time: 1×20′ containers can be used within 2-4 weeks.
Price terms: FOB / CFR / CIF
Payment method: wire transfer; letter of credit D/P
Target markets: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the United States, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia, Eastasia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

It is easy to make interior spaces, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place look flawless and perfect with any color of onyx marble stone. The Perfect Stone’s Honey Yellow Backlit Onyx allows for easy ways to achieve stylish reflections. You won’t be able to find anywhere else the elegance of Honey Yellow Onyx tile for your space.

2-Onyx Marble Full Slabs Inventory Showroom

Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone   Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone   Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone

With a wide range of coordinating wall tiles, floor tiles, and mosaic tile options of Yellow Honey Onyx Marble Slab available for design flexibility in installation, the interior spaces will be sure to turn heads.

3-The Interior Application of Onyx Stone 
Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone
Translucent onyx marble stone is very effective in different styles, layouts, and characteristic spaces. Art lighting (or natural light) from the inside of the backlit onyx stone, fully expresses the texture, color, and texture of natural stone, enhancing the visual effect of the stone, and softer and more natural than direct lighting.
Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone
-You can use our yellow honey onyx stone for any indoor space as you like.
4-Onyx Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory 
Honey Onyx Slabs - onyx-stone
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