Gold Macaubas Quartzite

Quartzite Gold Macaubas is a special golden quartzite from Brazil. Gold Macaubas is available immediately in blocks and slabs between 2 and 3 cm thick in our warehouses. Perfect Stone has Brazilian quartzite on offer, a hard material that can be used for kitchen worktops, stairs, etc.
Brazilian Quartzite: Golden Macaubas Quartzite
Size: 3200upx1900up, 2700upx1800up, 2400upx1600up, etc
Slab Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
Surface: Polished, Hoed, Brushed
MOQ: 100-300 SQM
Factory of Quartzite Slabs and Tiles: Perfect Stone
Payment: T/T, L/C at sight
Packages: Strong Wooden Buddles
Usages: Flooring, columns, walling, mosaic, cladding, countertops, furniture, sink, shower, sculptures…

Unique Golden Macaubas Quartzite Stone 2cm Slabs 

The Gold Macaubas Quartzite slab surely lives up to its name. This pale white-based stone marries together red, blue, yellow, and white in a stream of consciousness that is visually appealing and unmistakably original. Gold Macaubas Quartzite has other names, such as Golden Macaubas Quartzite, Yellow Macaubas Quartzite, and Evora Gold Quartzite, which are used for quartzite countertops, flooring, and more.

Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone

Large Slabs Videos of Macaubas Golden Quartzite by Perfect Stone 

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 Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone

Golden Macaubas Quartzite Slab is a multicolored stone with accents of brown, cream, beige, gold, and blue tones that contrast with linear veins. The smooth, durable surface is organically rendered in a way reminiscent of paintings, making Macaubas Yellow Quartzite ideal for interior applications with stunning effects. Feature walls, panel cladding, splash walls, floors, etc.

1-Specifications of Brazilian Golden Quartzite 

Product Name
Macaubas Yellow Quartzite, Brazilian Quartzite
Common Sizes
1800(up) x 600(up)mm
2400(up) x 1200(up)mm
2800(up) x 1500(up)mm etc
15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc
305 x 305mm or 12” x 12”
400 x 400mm or 16” x 16”
457 x 457mm or 18” x 18”
600 x 600mm or 24” x 24” etc
10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 30mm, etc
96″ x 26″, 76″ x 36″, 98” x 26″, 108″ x 26″
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2”
Vanity Tops
25″x22″, 31″x22″, 37”x22″, 49”x22”, 60”x22”
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2”

We supply Brazilian Quartzite Stone in blocks, slabs, and cut-to-size tiles.
We have skilled workers and advanced machinery to fulfill your orders.
Our responsible QC devoted himself to the inspection and packing the piece by piece.
We have a professional forwarder to help you handle door-to-door shipping.

2-Macaubas Quartzite Slabs in Our Sales Showroom

Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone   Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone

Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone   Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone

Originally quarried in Brazil, Macaubas Golden Quartzite is well suited to specifications where architects and interior designers need a material that provides a unique and unforgettable look with the beautiful marble-like appearance and strength of granite. These luxury Brazilian Golden quartzite properties are a favorite indoors due to their metamorphic appearance and resemblance to natural marble. Each natural stone slab is a unique work of art. Colors and veining vary from slab to slab.

3- Tech Data of Macaubas Yellow Quartzite 

Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone 

Technical Information Values
Volumetric Mass 2656 kg/m3
Compression strength 156,4 Mpa
Bending strength 18,5 Mpa
Imbibition Coefficient 0,13 %

Available in slab formats of 20mm and 30mm thickness and polished, honed, leather and Satinato finish Golden quartzite is a versatile and durable stone with extreme resistance to accidental impact and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Enhance your interior and exterior design accents with other natural stone products such as marble, travertine, onyx, and granite. Get an elegant, luxurious and beautiful accent to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere indoors or out. Quartzite is becoming a growing trend for countertops and indoor wall backgrounds. Available in rich, dark colors as well as bright and neutral tones, quartzite brings the beauty and power of nature to any living space.
4-Popular Luxurious Quartzite From Perfect Stone 
Gold Macaubas Quartzite - luxury-stone

The Advantages of Quartzite Stone

Heat Resistance
Withstands High Temperature
Scratch Resistant
Scratch Proof
Acid and Stain Resistance

Recommended Usage:

Countertops, stairs, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor covering, bath tops, stairs, columns, sinks/tubs, slabs

Surface finishing:
Polished, Honed, Aged, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Bushhammered, Tumbled

Perfect Stone has rich experience in processing, designing, and trading a wide range of stone products. Such as marble, granite, quartzite, artificial marble, onyx marble, agate slab, etc. Our products are the best choices for five-star hotels, senior villas, luxurious furniture, bathroom decoration, and home-improvement companies.