G655 Granite Tile For Paving Stone

Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Brand Name:Perfect Stone
Surface Finishing:Polished
Stone Form:Big Slab
Usage:Interior & Exterior Decoration

Product Introduction

After sesame black is mined in the mine, it needs to undergo preliminary processing to form the texture picture that is usually seen. The most common processing methods for sesame and blackboard noodles are polished, fired, and litchi noodles. Others include longan noodles, brushed noodles, natural noodles, pineapple noodles, and axe chop noodles! Conventional exterior wall dry-hanging floor shops, carved tombstones, special-shaped processing, etc. are available. The market has the most sesame black fired noodles.

Sesame black fired noodles: The surface is rough and scaly. Sesame black fired noodles are fired by artificial pistols, generally divided into fired domestic quality and fired export quality (ground shop quality and dry hanging quality)

Sesame black polished surface: The surface of the board is dark gray, very smooth, highly polished, and has a mirror effect. If the surface of the board has dark spots with colored lines, the defects will be very obvious after polishing. The polished surface is divided into a glossy surface and a matt surface.

Sesame black lychee noodles: The surface is rough and uneven. It is a chisel made of densely packed small holes in the surface, which has an effect that imitates the dripping of water droplets on the stone over the years. The sesame black lychee noodles are slightly off-white, and the surface is faulty. It is not easy to observe after the lychee noodles are beaten!

Sesame black granite has a very high hardness, with a Mohs hardness of about 6, a density of 2.75g/cm3, a compressive strength of 101.4Mpa, and a bending resistance of 9.5Mpa. It is produced in the form of rock blocks and is convenient for mining. It is often mined with a mining saw and is easy to produce large materials. , The formation of specifications blocks.

Sesame black has different specifications for different purposes. Generally speaking, the recommended length and width sizes are: 600*600, 600*300, 300*300, 900*300, 600*100, 600*400, 1200*600 , 400*200 and other 60 plates, reducing consumables and saving engineering costs.

For the paving of pedestrian road sections such as squares and garden roads, it is recommended to use 2cm to 3cm boards; bicycle lanes, parking spaces and other streets are recommended to use 4cm to 5cm boards; dry hanging boards use 2.5cm or 3cm boards.

The most common engineering board thickness on the market is 1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5, 3, and 5 cm. The stone slab unloaded after the big cutting production is called the machine-cut surface rough board. It is 1.9 meters long (1.8 meters normally) and 63 cm wide (commonly known as 60 heads). (The allowable thickness is generally -2mm to +1mm)

The 60-head board is the most commonly used, and 40-head, 50-head, 70-head, 80-head and other unusual specifications are added (60-head is the width or length of the board from 59cm to 64cm; 65-head is the width or length of the board from 64cm to 64cm. 69cm; 70 heads is the width or length of the board from 69cm to 74cm; 75 heads, 80 heads, etc.)

Sesame black for curbstones: generally 60cm, 90cm, 100cm long specifications, the surface treatment methods are double-sided fire, smooth or litchi, other sizes need to add money.

Product Description

1. Product: granite tile,granite slab,granite stair,granite countertop
2. Available usage: wall tiles,floor tiles,hotel lobby,outside cladding wall,willa,departments, contertop,stair,etc
3. Surface finished: polished,honed, flamed and brushed, bush hummered, sand blasted,machine-cut,leather-finish, etc.
4. Certification: CE&SGS

Product Name G655 Granite
                                    Slabs 600upx1800upx20~30mm
                                                                         Tiles 305x305mm(12×12)
                             Steps Stair: (90-180) x 30/32/33/35
Riser: (90-180) x14/15/16/17
Thickness 10mm(3/8),12mm(1/2),20mm(3/4"),etc.

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