Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab

Brazilian Quartzite Elegant Brown is characterized by linear bands with brown, bordeaux, and grey tones. A unique Brazilian luxury stone for every application, it matches the color schemes of modern interior design projects and is ideal for outdoor applications.
Material: Elegant Brown Quartzite Stone
Size: 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up, 3000upx1800up
Thickness: 18mm, 30mm
Surface: Polished, Honed
MOQ: 100 SQM
Quartzite Factory: Perfect Stone
Application: Indoor Floor, Wall Covering, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

Elegant Brown Quartzite Stone Slabs

Bright red brushstrokes alternate grey, green and black in elegant brown quartzite. According to the company, this extraordinary Brazilian brown quartz stone slab can be used as a decorative art piece or to give a home a unique elegance due to the landscaping effect created by the alternating colour elements. Sturdy and compact, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This refined and elegant brown quartz slate is available in various shades of brown. Shadows create the appearance of a beautiful tree. If you love wood but don’t like the hassle of maintenance, you’ll love the Quartzite Quartzite and Latest design Absolute Black Wood Marble Slab, which are easy to care for. It is durable, dirt and heat resistant.

Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Use Elegant Brown Quartzite Stone in many areas of the home. Use Elegant Brown for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, decorative objects, around the fireplace, stairs, and as pavers for your outdoor space.

1-Specification of Brazilian Luxurious Quartzite

Product Name:  Elegant Brown Brazilian Quartzite
 Popular Size:  1)Big slab: 2400 upx1200up mm, thickness 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2.0cm.
2)Vanity top: 25″x22″, 31″x22″, 37″x22″, 49″x22″, 61″x22″, etc. Thickness 3/4″, 1/4″ Any drawing can be customized made.
3)Countertop: 96″x26″, 108″x26″, 96″x36″, 72″x36″, 72″x36″, 96″x16 “etc Thickness 3/4″, 1/4” Any drawing can be made.
4)Stair Step: 100-150×30-35×2/3cm Riser100-150×12-17×2/3cm
1) 305 x 305 x 10mm or 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″
2) 406 x 406 x 10mm or 16″ x 16″ x 3/8″
3) 457 x 457 x 10mm or 18″ x 18″ x 3/8″
4) 300 x 600 x 20mm or 12″ x 24″ x 3/4″
5) 600 x 600 x 20mm or 24″ x 24″ x 3/4″ ect custom sizes.
 Quality details:  1) Polished degree: 95 degrees or up.
2) Thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm.
3) Diagonal tolerance: +/-1mm.
4) Surface flatness tolerance: +/-0.3mm.
5) Adjacent edge verticality tolerance: +/-0.5mm,
Precise Cutting by infrared-ray-cut machine.
 Surface Finish:  Polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered, sandblast, chisselled.
 Edging:  Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Flat eased (eased edge), Bevel top, Radius Top, Laminated Countertop, Ogee Edge, DuPont, Edge, Beveled, or others.
 Usage:  For internal & external decoration and construction, walls or flooring tile, or slab, top or kitchen countertops are available.

Elegant Brown Polished Quartzite Slab is a very resilient material, making it ideal for kitchen countertops, stairs, fireplaces, and vanities. This refined quartzite is often used for its incredible durability, yet can turn any element of your design project into a statement piece or eye-catcher.

2-Luxurious Brown Quartzite Stone Full Slabs in Warehouses 

Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone   Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone   Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Elegant Brown is a brown quartzite with red, gold, and grey veining, quarried in Brazil. The handsome natural pattern of Elegant Brown will effortlessly stand out with panache in any space.

3-Interior Applications of Elegant Brown Quartzite 

Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

-Kitchen Designs With Elegant Brown Quartzite Stone

Dark wood cabinets look stunning in sleek Elegant brown quartzite countertops. Hardwood floors in the same shade as the countertops complete the beautiful kitchen. Designers recommend coordinating flooring with countertops and cabinets in complementary, contrasting shades. Quartzite Elegant Brown gives your space a unique look that stands out from the more common colors and styles used in homes. As the name implies, it’s an elegant look that elevates your home and adds value to it.

4-Luxury Quartzite Slabs, Tiles, and Countertops Factory 

Elegant Brown Quartzite Slab - luxury-stoneAdding a touch of elegance to your further interior floor, wall, and kitchen spaces, consider this quartz sight. The durability of quartzite means you can enjoy your beautiful new project for years with minimal maintenance. The richness and depth of the colors that offer this pure quartz sandstone are second to none. Quartzite is harder and more resistant than most other natural stones, which makes it a great investment for kitchens and bathrooms.

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