Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab

Product Name: Crystal White Quartz Slab
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Perfect Stone
Stone Form: Slab / Cut to size /Tile
Color: White
Size/Thickness: AS Customer’s Requirement
MOQ: 50 Square Meters / Pieces
Samples: Free

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab Specifications                                                                                           
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Interior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor and out decoration ,widely used for countertop,vanity top, worktops etc…

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Regular Size

3000*1400mm/3200*1600mm/Customized Size




Finish Way



Wooden Boundles

Delivery time

15 ~20 days after order confirmed

Payment Terms

T/T,30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping CD               


Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

People have been using natural stone for manufacture for more than 100,000 years. Stone has also been used for building and decoration for tens of thousands of years, according to documents. Modern society uses large-scale industrial stone mining, which has caused the amount of stone from the natural world to increase quickly. However, people are also aware that the natural world’s supply of stone is finite, so they are paying attention to the collection, processing, and use of stone by-products and scraps.

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Artificial stone is a type of polymer-based building material that is used in construction projects. Its production involves chemical material reactions, making artificial stone a more useful scientific substance as science and technology in human civilization advance. Artificial stone is a new ecologically friendly composite material that is mostly employed in the building decorating business. Artificial stone is not only more practical, colorful, and popular than stainless steel, ceramics, and other conventional building materials. Typically, when we talk about artificial stone, we mean things like artificial stone quartz stone and artificial stone granite. Various artificial stone varieties have different compositions.

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Artificial quartz slab are made of quartzite crystals, resin, trace pigments, and other materials in order to produce large plates with a hard and tight texture as well as wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and penetration resistance that other decorative materials do not have. The rich color combination gives them the appearance of real stone.

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab The following features apply to artificial quartz slab.

1. Long-lasting bright surface: compact design, non-microporous, non-absorbent, strong stain resistance, daily condiments in the cabinet simply cannot penetrate. After careful polishing, the product surface is incredibly simple to clean and maintain and can retain a long-lasting luster, bright as new.
2. Free of nicks. Since this product’s surface hardness is higher than that of regular iron, any household goods may be set down on the table. (However, it’s best to avoid using diamond, sandpaper, carbide, and other harsh materials to scratch the desktop.) 3. Anti-fouling. Quartz stone countertops have a highly non-porous structure, and the water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which is enough to prove that the material is basically impermeable to water. After each use of the countertop, rinse the countertop with water or a mild detergent.
4. Anti-scald. The surface of quartzite has high fire resistance and is currently the material with the best temperature resistance except stainless steel.
5. Anti-aging and non-fading: no aging phenomenon of materials can be seen at room temperature; no strong light irradiation for many years, the color will not change much.
6. Non-toxic and non-radiation. It has been certified as a non-toxic sanitary material by the national health authority, and can be in direct contact with food. 

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab Application Show                                                                      

  Quartz stone countertop is a new type of building interior decoration material that is non-radioactive, reusable, environmentally friendly and green. It has a variety of colors and can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibition halls, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, washrooms, kitchen and bathroom walls, dining tables, coffee tables, window sills, door pockets, etc.). Long-lasting bright surface: compact structure, no micropores, no water absorption, strong stain resistance, and the daily condiments in the cabinet cannot penetrate at all. After precision polishing, the surface of the product is easy to clean and maintain, and can maintain a long-lasting luster, bright as new.


Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

  Quartz countertops are truly cost-effective countertops. Cabinets are the most important durable consumer goods in modern homes, and their matching countertops are the most contacted parts in people’s daily lives. There can be no good cabinets without good countertops. Who doesn’t want a really nice set of cabinets with scratches, aging and even broken countertops after less than two years of use. Compared with ordinary artificial stone, quartz stone countertops have long service life, less discoloration, small deformation, impermeability, and more scratch resistance. It requires little maintenance, and the finish is still as beautiful as new after years of use. The universal artificial stone must be kept in a new state, and maintenance work such as grinding and polishing needs to be carried out regularly, which will reduce the thickness of the countertop, affect the service life, and bring certain inconvenience to the user. Therefore, in terms of health, environmental protection, ease of use (easy to clean, easy to maintain), physical and chemical properties, etc., universal artificial stone countertops are really cost-effective compared to quartz countertops.

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

  Quartz stone countertops are widely used in home decoration due to the excellent properties of quartz stone. The following are some maintenance tips for quartz stone countertops, I hope to help you in your daily life.
1. Quartz stone is manufactured under vacuum conditions, the quartz surface is one, dense and non-porous composite material, its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali, etc., and the liquid substances used in daily use will not penetrate its interior. , liquids that have been left on the surface for a long time can be wiped off with a rag with a cleanser such as water or Zeomighty, and a razor blade can be used to scrape the surface residue if necessary.
2. The smooth surface of the quartz stone has undergone more than 30 complicated polishing processes, which will not be scratched by the knife and shovel, will not be infiltrated by liquid substances, and will not cause the problem of yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water, which is simple and easy to do. Even after long-term use, the surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, and no maintenance is required.                                                                     3. No matter what kind of quartz stone sink material is afraid of high temperature erosion, pay attention to avoid hot pot and kettle from directly contacting the cabinet, preferably on the pot rack; try to avoid contacting the quartz stone sink table with sharp objects when operating , door panel to avoid scratches. Chemical substances on many materials have an erosive effect on the countertop. For example, the stainless steel countertop may rust if it is stained with salt, so it is necessary to avoid placing soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the countertop; artificial panel cabinets should avoid water stains for a long time. on the countertop.

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

  The white stone is pure and soft, and has the meaning of divine purity. White stone has been loved by people since ancient times. The application of white stone in decorative design is becoming more and more popular, and it has become the darling of high-end design field.

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 Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

 Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

  The use of artificial quartz qtone is undoubtedly of great economic, social and environmental significance. In addition to consuming a small amount of building materials, most of the waste stones produced every year are discarded. The waste is very alarming and the economic loss is huge. The development of artificial stone is of great economic significance in the use of natural stone resources. ; The formation of industrial clusters around the development of the artificial stone industry can attract a large number of employed people, which is undoubtedly of great social significance for driving regional economic development. The environmental protection concept of human production methods advocated and embodied by artificial stone is of great significance to social progress and the concept of circular economy. Stone As a non-renewable resource, its full and rational utilization plays a huge role in protecting the ecological environment.

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Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab


Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

Crystal White Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab