Crema Marfil Marble for flooring and wall

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Material: Marble.
Color: Beige.
Surface: Polished, honed, flamed, bushhammered, sandblasted, etc.
Dimensions: As customized.
Applications: Countertops, wall cladding, flooring, stairs, window sills, etc.
Packing: Seaworthy Wooden Crate

Product Introduction

Crema Marfil Marble for flooring, wall, and project

Crema Marfil marble is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, but has more silicon and magnesium components. The color penetrates along the crystal line and interlaces, making it a natural artwork and the first choice stone for high-end building decoration. The background color is beige, with a small amount of fine red lines, and the brightness is good. There are a plenty of types, such as rice grain type, white flower type, etc., the background color is from light white to dark black, and there are color lines and red lines of various colors.

Beige marble is a widely used stone in interior and exterior decoration. There are a wide range of beige marble on the market: Crema Marfil, Sunny Beige, Crema Vello, Classic Beige, Altman, Royal Botticino, Cappuccino, etc. It is widely used for countertops, indoor and outdoor walls and floors, etc.


Material Crema Marfil Marble
Surface Treatments Polished, Honed, Flamed, Antique, Sawn, Bush-hammered, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Brushed, Rough-picked, etc.
Applications Slabs, Tiles, flooring, Cut-to-Size Projects, Countertops, Vanity tops, Stairs, Paving, Curbstone, Columns, Pillars, Swimming Pool Coping, Tombstone, Sculptures, Fountains,  Tables & Chairs, Meshed Paving, Mosaics, etc.
MOQ 100 square meter or as per your product size
Payment T/T(30 % deposit, the balance be paid before shipment), or L/C at sight
Delivery About 15-20 days after receiving deposit generally
Slabs 1800upx600, 2400upx650, 2400upx1200up, etc.

Thickness: 15, 18, 20, 30mm, etc.

Tiles/Flooring 305×305, 300×600, 600×600, etc.

Thickness: 10, 15, 18, 20, 30mm, etc.

Countertops 1800×560, 2100×560, 2400×660, etc.

Thickness: 18, 20, 30mm, etc.

Vanity Tops 1200×560, 1500×560, 1800×600, etc.

Thickness: 18, 20, 30mm, etc.

Stairs Lx350, Lx330, Lx300, Lx150, etc.

Thickness: 18, 20, 30mm, etc.

Paving Stone 100×100, 200×200, 400×600, 400×800, etc.

Thickness: 40, 50, 60, 80, 100mm, etc

Curbstones Lx20x30, Lx15x30, Lx12x30, etc.

Crema Marfil slabsCrema Marfil tiles

Crema Marfil moulding.jpg

Crema Marfil moulding

Crema Marfil project.jpg

Crema Marfil project

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