Cream Vanian Marble Slab

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Product Name: Cream Vanian Marble Slab
Place of Origin: Iran
Brand Name: Perfect Stone
Stone Form: Slab / Cut to size /Tile
Color: Beige
Size/Thickness: AS Customer’s Requirement
MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces
Samples: Free

Product Introduction

Cream Vanian Marble Slab

Cream Vanian Marble is a Marble slab from Iran. Cream Vanian Marble Slab is soft and creamy with pale crystalline veins. It has an easygoing, versatile and even exterior look that makes it perform well in a residential environment. Cream marble has a timeless charm of its own. Cream marble, aware of its strength, bursts in settings to infuse warmth and flair. Cream Vanina Polished Marble Slab is possible uses are highly variable and can be found in interior and exterior paving, together with stairways, facades, kitchen countertops, floor and worktop.

      Depending on the use, Vanian Beige Marble Slabs can be of varying thicknesses. The most common thicknesses are 2 and 3 cm, however unique marble slab thicknesses can be customized manufactured.

Our manufacturing operations can produce big slabs. The benefit of this style of item is that we get more attention on the natural stone. Cream Vanian Beige Marble is a warm tan and quartz veined beige stone. It features a little tone change from medium to light beige. The subtle color variation and veins give refinement to any interior space.

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Cream Vanian Marble Slab

Cream Vanian Marble Slab

Beige Marble Slab

Cream Vanian Marble Slab



Cream Vanian Marble Slab
Brand Perfect Stone


Natural Marble






18 /20 /30mm



Interior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor and out decoration, widely used for wall, flooring tiles


Cream Marble Applications: 

Due to its color and texture, cream marble is a popular choice for a variety of applications. The following are some of the most common applications:

Cream marble is a popular choice for flooring due to its stunning look and strong resistance to abrasion and damage. It is suitable for use in every part of the house, including the kitchen and the bedroom.

Cream marble is a wonderful choice for external applications when incorporated to the concrete mix while constructing outdoor constructions. It's a popular choice since it makes constructions seem highly appealing, as well as because it's extremely resistant to weathering over time.



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