China Portoro Marble Slab

China Portoro Marble, or Athens Portoro Marble, has a very gorgeous black background with some gold veins spraying on the surface. It is also called “New Italy Portoro.” Some customers buy it to replace Italy Portoro because of its good surface appearance and cheap price.

Chinese Athens Portoro Golden Marble Slab


China Portoro Marble Slab is a black background with golden brown shades of marble quarried in China. It is also called Golden Black Marble, Portoro Gold Marble, and Black Gold Flower Marble. 


Athens Portoro Marble is one of the best types of black marble stone. Its main characteristics are black background, golden yellow pattern, fine lines, and good luminosity. The basic color of Oriental Portoro Marble is black, and the golden yellow markings are intermittently distributed in stripes evenly. This Chinese New Portoro Marble is like a layer of yellow gold flowers sprinkled on a black satin surface, giving people a sense of stability and nobility, and it shows its unique characteristics after use. It is magnificent and noble. It is a rare good black marble. 

China Portoro Golden Marble is mainly used for interior decoration. In interior decoration, it is often used for countertops, window sills, door covers, stone columns, fireplaces, mosaics, and so on. It is also an ideal material for decorating luxurious buildings and traditional material for artistic carving.

The Specification of Nero Portoro Chinese Marble

China Portoro Marble Slab - marble-slabs


China Portoro Marble


Black with golden veins

Surface finish:

Polished, honed, antique, etc.


Countertops, wall cladding, flooring, stairs, window sills, etc.

Popular tile size:

305x305mm, 300x600mm, 305x610mm,

400x400mm, 457x457mm, 400x800mm,

600x600mm, 900x900mm, 1200x500mm,

or another size according to the customer’s request.

Usual Thickness:

1.8cm, as customized.


by strong fumigated wooden crates, wooden pallets, wooden bundles, etc. 


FREE SAMPLES will be provided once the request 

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China Portoro Marble Slab - marble-slabs

China Portoro Marble Slab - marble-slabs


Wholesales Portoro Marble Tiles and Slabs | FAQ


Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Shijing Town, Nanan City of Quanzhou Fujian province, which is a leading stone production center in China. 

A: It depends on what products you order, different product has different MOQs.  

Q: Can you send me samples?

A: Yes, of course, samples are always available. If you make an order with us after we send you samples, you could get a refund of the cost of the sample. 

Basic Information of Portoro Gold Marble Factory

China Portoro Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Our products include granite, marble, tiles, slabs, countertop, mosaic, fireplace, tombstone, carving, sink, environment stone, and all types of diamond tools, among others. Because we operate in a highly competitive market, all of Perfect Stone’s staff place a great value on quality and service. Our factory’s goal is to provide the best good quality product to our customers and become the best manufacturing company based on the satisfaction of their requirements.