China Mongolian Black Granite Floor Tile

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Material: Natural granite.
Color: Black.
Surface: Polished,honed,antique,etc.
Thickness: 18mm,as customized.
Applications: Wall cladding,flooring,vanity top,mosaic,etc.
Packing: Seaworthy Wooden Crate/Bundle

Product Introduction

Mongolian black granite was first produced in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and Jianping, Liaoning. Later, basalts in Jining, Inner Mongolia, etc. were also mined one after another. They are all called Mongolian black, which belongs to granite with finer grains. The color of the surface after polishing is black but a little bit. It feels yellowish, and there are some white spots on the surface.


Quality identificationedit

At first glance, the surface structure of Mongolian black stone is observed with naked eyes. Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure of the stone has a fine texture, which is the best product of the stone; the coarse and unequal grain structure of the stone has a poor appearance. In addition, due to the influence of geological action, the stone often produces some small cracks in it. The stone is most likely to break along these parts and should be removed. As for the lack of edges and corners, it even affects the appearance, so you should pay special attention when choosing.


The second quantity is to measure the size of the stone, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the pattern, pattern, and line deformation after splicing, which affects the decorative effect. (For this, Mongolian black stone generally does not have the problem of poor color.)


Listen three times, that is, listen to the percussion sound of the stone. Generally speaking, the percussion sound of a good quality stone is clear and pleasant; on the contrary, if there are slight cracks in the stone or the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, the percussion sound will be rough.


Four tests, that is, use a simple test method to test the quality of the stone. Usually, a small drop of ink is dropped on the back of the stone. If the ink is quickly dispersed and leached, it indicates that the particles inside the stone are loose or there are gaps, and the quality of the stone is not good. On the contrary, if the ink drops stay in place, the stone is of good quality.


Material: China Mongolian Black Granite
Color: Black
Surface: Polished, honed, antique, etc.
Application: Countertops, wall cladding, flooring, stairs, window sills, etc.
Popular tile size: 305x305mm, 300x600mm, 305x610mm,

400x400mm, 457x457mm, 400x800mm,

600x600mm, 900x900mm, 1200x500mm,

or other size according to the customer request.

Popular small (half) slab size: 240up x 60cm/70cm/80cm
250up x 60cm/70cm/80cm

Or other size according to the customer request

Popular big slab size: 240up x 120up cm,  240up x 130up cm
250up x 120up cm,  250up x 130up cm
260up x 140up cm,  260up x 150up cm

Or other size according to the customer request

Usual Thickness: 1.8cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm etc..
Finished:  Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Chiseled, etc..
Package: by strong fumigated wooden crates, wooden pallets, wooden bundles etc..
Samples FREE SAMPLES will be provided once request


Absolute Black.JPG

Black granite


Mongolian Black Granite


Basalt black (2).jpg

Flamed granite



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Buyer Feedback

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