China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs

Due to its specific colors and textural variations, Emperador Dark Marble is highly decorative and uniquely beautiful. Chinese Emperador Marble is a natural stone, so raw blocks and jumbo slabs will vary in appearance and dimension.

Chinese Dark Brown Emperador Marble Slabs


China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs is dark brown with light brown to white flakes marble quarried in the south of China. Its background color is dark coffee color, with white flowers, luster and warm, easy to glue, dark coffee color is inlaid with light white mesh patterns, giving the rough lines a more delicate feeling and very decorative effect, suitable for buildings with higher decoration level. China Dark Brown Emperador Marble is widely used for interior and exterior wall cladding, flooring, countertop, fountain, pool, stairs, window sills, and other projects.

The main difference between Chinese Emperador Brown Marble and imported Emperador Dark is the background color. The Spanish Marble Emperador Dark is a coffee base, which is more yellow, and the texture is the same as the texture of China Emperador Dark. Generally speaking, Chinese Emperador Dark Brown Marble is more stable and cheaper. Due to the wide application of China Emperador Dark, many projects now use it to replace imported Emperador Dark. Since 2014, China’s Emperador Dark net mining area has expanded rapidly, and the output has increased significantly. The key factor is that everyone has realized that China Emperador Dark will replace imported Emperador Dark.

This Dark Brown Chinese marble will pair nicely in a masculine bathroom or spacious kitchen, whether your home is of modern or traditional style. However, because it is so distinctive and eye-catching, it will significantly influence your space’s ambiance and aesthetics.

1- Emperador Marble Specifications

Model Chinese Brown Emperador Marble Slabs Factory
Brand Perfect Stone
Color Brown 


12″x12”x3/10″, 12″x12″x3/8″,12″x12″x1/2″, 18″x18″x1/2″, 24″x24″x3/4″, 30x30x1/2/3cm,30x60x1/2/3cm,60x60x1/2/3cm 
Small Slabs: 60-90×180-300×2/3cm 
Big Slabs: 120upx240upx2/3xcm 
Steps: 110-150x33x2/3cm / riser: 110-150x15x2/3cm
Countertops: 24″x96″, 26″x96″, 28″x96″, 28″x108″, etc. 
Quality Assurance: By our professional inspectors who have been working 
Physical properties: A) Water absorption(%): 0.16 
C) Flexural Strength(Mpa):
D) Compressive Strength(Mpa): 210

MOQ It depends on client requirements.
Supply Ability 50000 m2/Month
Payment terms T/T, a 30% deposit, 70% balance against B/L COPY
Delivery date According to your purchase quantity. 


2-Dark Emperador Brown Marble Slabs 


China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

3-The advantages of Emperador Dark Marble 

Dark Emperador Marble is an exceptional high-quality imported marble. It is widely valued by interior designers and decorators for its appealing beauty in creating one-of-a-kind creations. Dark Emperador Marble has a dark brown color tone throughout with irregular light brown veins.

Dark Emperador Marble can be used for both indoor and external building or design projects. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring, staircases, living rooms, facades, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and sink tops, bedroom flooring, and decorations. It can also be blended with other types of marble to produce one-of-a-kind designs.

4-Chinese Emperador Marble Slabs And Tiles Factory 

China Emperador Dark Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

You can purchase different sizes of Our Chinese Brown Emperador Marble for your next interior projects, from Polished Slabs, Cut-to-size Tiles, Stairs, and Even Wall Facades Panles.