Botanic Green Quartzite Slab

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Product Name: Botanic Green Quartzite Stone For Interior Designs
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Perfect Stone
Stone Form: Slab / Cut to size /Tile
Color: Green
Size/Thickness: AS Customer’s Requirement
MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces
Samples: Free

Product Introduction

Botanic Green Quartzite Stone For Bathroom Decoration Projects

Botanic Green Quartzite Slab is aptly named from the Green color of its leaves. Native to Brazil, this quartzite is also called aquamarine because of its silvery metallic sheen, which resembles the calm turquoise water of South America. Plant green looks great in aquatic plants.  Quartzite Botanic Green is a distinctively colored green quartzite. It has a stunning jungle-toned background with the freshness and exoticism of tropical orchid and bromeliad leaves.


Botanic Green Polished Quartzite with horizontal lines that go across the bottom entangle and contrast with the backdrop. The veins are white, pink, ochre, and gold in hue. The linear shape of Botanic Quartz Slab streaks results in large-format murals with angular and striking graphics.

Botanic Green Quartzite Slab is a vivid, pastel Green and red visual. The rich colors leave a deep impression. Cross-texturing makes the canvas more lively, while the overall layers of color are calmer.

The Commond applications of Botanic Green Quartizite Stone:  Commercial, Interior, Interior Floor, Interior Wall, Interior Wet and Dry, Shower Floor, Shower Wall, Wet and Dry

Product Images

Botanic Green Quartzite Slab

Botanic Green Quartzite Slab

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Green Marble Slab



Natural Botanic Green is an exquisite Brazilian quartzite Stone with electric greens and hints of red. Cross-veining keeps the canvas lively, while the overall layering of colors feels serene. This natural green quartzite block is highly resistant. Botanic Quartzite’s nearly non-existent permeability makes it ideal for interior coverings and kitchen surfaces.

Products Natural Green Quartzite Stone
Color White, Yellow, Brown, Red, Black, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Green etc.
Items Slabs, Tiles, Skirting, Countertops, Vanity tops, Tread, Riser, Bar tops, Dining Table, Mosaic, Borders, etc.
Dimension 1. Gangsaw slabs:240up x 120up cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm etc
2. Half Slabs: 180~240×60/70/80/90cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm etc
3. Cut to size: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 30x60cm, 60x6cm, 120x60cm etc
4. Tiles: 30.5×30.5x1cm, 40x40x1cm, 45.7×45.7x1cm
5. Countertops: 96”x26”, 108”x26”, 96”x36”, 108”x36” or custom size
6. Vanity Tops: 25”x19”/22”, 31”x19”/22”, 37”x19”/22”, 43”x22”, 49”x22”, 61”x22”, 73”x22”
Edge Process Flat Polished, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, 1/4” bevel, 3/8” Round, Ogee, Dupont, Waterfall, Pencil, Miter edge, Chiseled Edge, etc

Green Quartzite and Marble Selection

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