Blue Bahia Granite Slab

Blue Bahia Granite, or officially Granite Azul Bahia, is a high-quality and luxurious granite (probably the most unique granite in the world) quarried in Brazil. Blue Bahia granite is a special granite with blue tones that is both rare and high-end natural stone for interior decoration projects, from wall tiles, stairs, columns, and our most popular American construction companies prefer this blue Brazilian granite for their residence countertops.
Materail: Azul Bahia Brazilian Granite
Size: 2400upx1200up, 2200upx1100up, 2600upx1600up etc
Surface: High Polished surface will show the deep blue tones of this granite
MOQ: 100-300 SQM
Granite Provider: Perfect Stone
Applications of Granite: Both commercial and residential interiors. The stone makes wonderful walls and fantastic floors, as well as beautiful backsplashes, countertops, fireplaces, tub surrounds, showers, and vanities.

Blue Bahia Granite Polished Slabs For Countertops

Blue Bahia Granite Slab is natural luxury and rare blue granite, a popular granite material quarried in Brazil. Although it is a pale type of granite, its natural blue color is rare in the natural stone world and is loved by sea lovers. A natural shade of Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabsblue, Blue Bahia granite slabs come in many shades and usually vary from slab to slab. This Blue Bahia Stone is not only more desirable but much rarer to extract.  Perfect Stone offers the highest quality and most desirable slabs of Azul Bahia Blue Granite. Our products are exquisitely finished by skilled craftsmen and crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. Expect to make a statement when you enter a room with Blue Bahia granite.

The natural blue color of Azul Bahia Granite Slab adds a centerpiece to any striking space, whether it’s kitchen countertops, flooring, or even wall coverings. Its charm, which is attractive even in blue, is rare even in the world of natural stones. Available in a variety of finishes and formats, these masterpieces are sure to fit any project. Simply put, you won’t find a more beautiful, award-winning material than a polished slab of blue Bahia granite.

A rich navy blue that evokes the calm beauty of the sea. Some slabs have a hint of green in the background, but like any natural stone, the versatility is great.

Exotic granite can greatly improve the appearance of a space Blue Bahia Granite is sure to turn heads and make a statement in your home. Remember that rare and exotic granite is more expensive than other types of materials… but it’s definitely worth it. Blue Bahia granite is not only durable, but stunningly beautiful.

1-Specifications of Brazilian Blue Bahia Granite

1) slab: 250upx130up, 240upx60,70,80,90cm
2) floor & wall cladding: 60×60(24”x24”), 30.5×30.5(12”x12”), 45.7×45.7(18”x18”)
3) stairs step & riser: 150x33x3 & 150x15x2cm
4) kitchen countertop & vanity top: 96”x26”x2 & 49”x22”x2cm

Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Tile Slab Kitchen Countertop Vanity Top

(305X305 or 300X300)

1000(up)*600(up) 96″x36″ 25″x22″

(610X305 or 600X300)

1000(up)*700(up) 96″x25 1/2″ 31″x19″/22″

(610X610 or 600X600)

1000(up)*900(up) 96″x16″ 37″x19″/22″


1800(up)*1200(up) 78″x36″ 49″x19″/22″
400*400  2400(up)*1200(up) 78″x25 1/2″ 61″x19″/22″
800*800 According to
Your request
72″x36″ 73″x19″/22″


According to your request As per your drawing
Thickness: 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 35mm; 40mm; 45mm; 50mm; etc.



2-Luxurious and High-Quality Azul Bahia Granite Slabs


Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

  Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs  Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

There is a light sky blue that turns into a very dark navy blue. Blue Bahia is mined in central Brazil. It’s a very bold countertop choice and will make a great statement in any kitchen or bathroom. A neutral gray or white cabinetry is the perfect combination to showcase this rare and unique granite.

3-What is Blue Bahia Granite Used For?

Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

-Veinmatched designs of Interior Wall Cladding Projects by using Azul Bahia Granite

Azul Bahia Brazilian Blue Granite would be a good choice for homeowners and construction companies( real estate builders, malls, hotels) looking to add a distinctive touch of elegance and beauty to their interior projects. Azul Bahia granite is an exotic natural stone. It is wonderful for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, office desktops, and residence and commercial building decoration. This blue natural stone will make your project unique and amazing with flooring, columns, walls, mosaic, cladding, countertops, furniture, sink, shower, sculptures…

Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs  Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Azul Bahia Granite is commonly used in kitchen, and bathroom designs, from flooring to countertops.


4-Luxurious Blue Granite Factory in China

Blue Bahia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

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