Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz with slightly off-white spots. An engineered Carrara Quartz stone is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin. All stone slabs are polished and cut to a thickness of 1/4 inch, making them suitable for kitchen countertops. Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab is one of the easiest materials to take care of. This material will increase the visual appeal and functionality of any space. Considering all the benefits you will get from the material, it is clear that Blizzard Quartz is a good choice.

Material: Engineered Blizzard Carrara Quartz, Bianco Carrara White Quartz

Quartz Slab Size: 3000x1200mm, 3000x1400mm, 3200mmx1600mm

Slab Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

MOQ: 30 Pcs, or 4 colors in 20’GP

Quartz Brand: Perfect Stone

Application Engineered Quartz Stone is suitable for various scenarios and uses, like kitchens, restrooms, bar counters, bathrooms, living rooms, and restaurants of any residence and commercial building project.

Blizzard Carrara White Engineered Quartz Stone Slab 


Its high strength and durability make Simply Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab Made to Measure a naturally beautiful, long-lasting, and hygienic surface material. Its extraordinary strength and toughness, based on the natural quartz core, make it impact-resistant and challenging to Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2scratch, chip, break, or dull. This toughness means that with regular maintenance, it will keep its incredibly smooth, shiny appearance for many years. Carrara Quartz Stone or other marble look engineered quartz responds best when handled carefully, like other good materials. It feels quite chilly and firm to the touch. Quartz is completely hygienic and simple to clean because it is non-porous and stain resistant.


Carrara White Quartz includes dots that are a bit off-white. 93% natural quartz and 7% resin think up an engineered Carrara quartz stone. All stone slabs are cut to a diameter of 1/4 inch and polished. 

The Carrara Bianco Quartz is excellent for institutional countertops, back panels, bathroom countertops, and kitchen counters.  

  One of the explanations Carrara Quartz Slab is so beloved by homeowners, specifically, those who lead busy lives is that it is one of the easiest materials to maintain. Blizzard White Carrara Quartz is a famous stone alternative for kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops projects for a plethora of reasons. Anywhere you choose to install this gorgeous white quartz stone, it will enhance the appeal and functionality of the area. Given all the possibilities the material offers, it is obvious that Blizzard Quartz is a wise choice.  


1-Carrara Marble Look Quartz Slabs and Countertop Sizes

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

Model Number
Engineered Cararra Quartz 
Raw Material 
93% Natural Quartz Powder +7% Resin 
Marble series
Surface finished
Polished, honed, or customized
Slab Size
18mm; 20mm; 30mm
Tile sizes
96″x26″;108″X26″;96″x36″;108″X36″;98″X37″ or project size, etc
For building decoration, like interior floor, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, service counter, etc.
Supply Ability
10000 sq.m./month
FOB port
Xiamen port
Wooden Boundless
Delivery time
15 ~20 days after the order was confirmed
Payment Terms
T/T, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping CD               


2-Bianco Carrara White Quartz Warehouse

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

A well-known, high-quality man-made quartz that comes in white and gray tones is called Blizzard Carrara White Quartz. The most popular wall tiles to build stunning quartz worktops, waterfall islands, and accent walls in residential and commercial settings are Carrara Quartz Jumbo Slabs, which come in polished and honed styles.


Carrara Quartz Jumbo Slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops give the room a clean and spacious look. An exquisite Carrara quartz stone with shades of ivory and gray, homeowners are usually concerned that it will be difficult to clean. However, since quartz is non-porous and does not need to be resealed, surface contaminants can be removed relatively easily.

Perfect Stone offers a variety of beautiful Carrara Quartz looks, textures and thicknesses. On our quartz factory and website, you’ll find products like Carrara Quartz, Calacatta Quartz, Midnight Marquina Quartz, and other marble-look quartz colors, making it easy to find the perfect material for your home decor or office space.


Artificial Quartz Slabs & Countertops are offered in a variety of colors.
Whether a slab that has been dug from quartz or an engineered solution, a quartz countertop can be almost any color. As a result, it is a wise investment for new construction as well as for those doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling or renovation projects.

Quartz Cararra by Perfect Stone factory is white quartz with a soft feathering grey vein, inspired by the timeless Carrara marbles. The pattern is dreamy and airy and therefore would work well in most kitchen settings without being too busy. It is part of Perfect Strone’s Marble Look Engineered Quartz range of best-in-class worktop designs.


Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2   Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

3-Application and Advantages of White Quartz Carrara


Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

3.1 Applications of Quartz Stone

The unique marble look quartz Cararra by Perfect Stone is a resistant and elegant product of extremely high quality, with a most attractive appearance and perfect finishes, which offers countless possibilities for interior design. Any White Engineered Quartz Stone, including Bianco Carrara Quartz color, is the ideal choice for countertops and floors in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for high-traffic areas.

3.2 Non-porous Quartz Features

Artificial Quartz has the best stain resistance of any material. Its surface is entirely impervious and does not absorb liquids or water. Man-made Quartz surfaces are impervious to stains from even the most tenacious substances. Marble, on the other hand, is porous and prone to staining. You will need to care more to avoid spilling liquids on marble surfaces than on quartz ones.

3.3 Amazing Look of Natural Marble Colors by Perfect Stone Quartz

This elegant marble pattern quartz slabs or countertops product is ideal for areas that have to withstand intense foot traffic and for household environments, or commercial buildings (hotels, inns). Its minimal absorption, ease of cleaning, and low maintenance make it highly recommendable for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is extremely resistant to abrasion, acids, and oils.

1. The best white quartz stone sand (No acid-washed sand)
2. High hardness 7 grade, scratch resistant
3. No color difference in the same batch of goods
4.  High-temperature resistant
5. Chemical resistant
6. Easy to clean




4- Hot Sales Colors of Quartz Slabs | Perfect Stone 

Quartz countertops are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Because of their non-porous construction, they can last for years without sealing. Quartz countertops are much easier to maintain as they are stain-resistant. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and styles, giving you a wide range of choices to choose from. Besides Carrara Quartz, the main popular and hot sales quartz colors in the market are white, black, and grey. Here we would like to recommend 3 different marble vein colors for you.

4.1 Calacatta White Quartz Colors

 Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2   Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

-Calacatta White Quartz Slabs                                                                                       -Calacatta Gold Quartz Slabs 

The above 2 calacatta marble look quartz stones are sold well in our factory. The veins are very different in color, but the basic background colors are pure and clear white. Quartz Calacatta Collection is a well-known stone type, recognizable by its sharp black or gray/Golden stripes and bright white background. It is a popular color because it is a classic color that never goes out of fashion. The artificial Quartz stone yields a high-quality product that combines beauty with excellent mechanical properties.

4.2 Pietra Grey Quartz/Calacatta Grey Quartz Series 

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2   Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

-Calacatta Grey Quartz Slabs                                                                                     -Pietra Grey Quartz Slabs 

Grey Basic Color of Quartz is still welcomed in homes and other commercial construction projects. The Calacatta Grey Quartz/Pietra Grey Quartz is the new collection in our factory. Pale Grey Basic colors combine irregular white veins, and this grey marble looks quartz, which seems like Pietra Grey. 

Part of the latest color collection, Pietra Gray Quartz is inspired by its marble counterpart and the current trend of marble-like quartz surfaces. This particular quartz countertop features striking white stripes on a subtle concrete gray base color. The base color itself features a mottled pattern with subtle black streaks. Pietra Gray Quartz is an ideal alternative if you are looking for an eye-catching pattern on a dark surface.

4.3 Midnight Marquina Quartz /Calacatta Black Quartz Series 

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2   Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

-Midnight Marquina Quartz Slabs                                                                                 -Calacatta Black Quartz Slabs 

Referring to Black Quartz, Perfect Stone provides different black quartz colors, such as pure black quartz, sparkling black quartz, and crystal black quartz. While in the marble-trend quartz of commercial construction, we launch a new marble-look series in Black and White Colors, which is inspired by Chinese Nero Marquina Marble, and this collection has a beautiful name: Midnight Marquina Quartz/Calacatta Black Quartz. When designed in white tones against a black stone background, the veins stand out, even more, simulating the most realistic lightning bolts. Thus, this stone model adds a mysterious, luxurious and sexy look to the space in which it is used give.

4.4 Applications of Engineered Quartz Stone | Perfect Stone 
1. Kitchen countertops: cabinet tops, worktops, kitchen wall cladding, etc.
2. Vanity and bathrooms: vanity tops, bathroom walls, vanity mirror frames, etc.
3. Commercial applications: countertops, wall floors, bank floors, telecommunication business halls, etc.
4. dining room: bar tops and desktops in western-style dining rooms, desktops, floorboards, and interior
flooring Mcdonald’s and KFC, etc.
5. Residential applications: top furniture, tea tables, wall, and floor tiles, etc.
6. office area: large reception desk, etc.

5-Engineered Quartz Stone Factory in China

Perfect Stone works closely with customers. Our service is highly efficient and personal. A diverse team of creative professionals will handle every tiny project detail with great care and dedication. Strict quality control is performed in every procedure from material sourcing, processing and testing to packing.

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2

4 Reasons make you fall in love with artificial quartz stone

1 Non-porous

A non-porous surface is one that does not absorb water or liquids Quartz is an artificial stone made from natural quartz stone and resin. The resin forms an indestructible top layer that neither liquids nor water can penetrate.
2 Resistant to dirt

Quartz’s stain resistance is a direct result of its non-porous nature. Quartz is resistant to all liquids, even the most stubborn ones like nail polish and hair dye. These stains can be safely removed with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen
3 Durability

Quartz is one of the hardest stones in nature, he ranks 7 out of 10 on the hardest stone scale, 10 being dynamite This shows that the quartz surface is very durable and can withstand daily use The quartz surface will not shatter if a heavy object is suddenly dropped or if excessive force is applied inadvertently.
4 Easy to clean

Since quartz is non-porous, it is very easy to clean. It has a smooth, smooth surface that allows the detergent to slip easily. Clean with soap and water only. Simply create a lather, wipe the surface with a mop or cloth, and deepen the application In some cases, a professional quartz cleaning product can be used for a more thorough cleaning.

Blizzard Carrara White Quartz Stone Slab - quartz-slab-2