Black Marquina Marble With More White Veins

Black Marquina marble is a monochromatic marble stone to accentuate your décor. The combination of a lustrous black background and crisp white striking veins provides a dramatic and sharp visual impression. It is a classic and timeless choice for a countertop or island bench, floor, or wall.


Black Marquina Marble Polished Slabs


Black Marquina is a kind of black marble with striking white veins. It is quarried in several countries, including China.


The background color of Black Marquina marble is black, with white veins and high luminosity, the durability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, and hardness are up to international standards in terms of quality indicators. The radioactive indicators are in line with the national Class A standard, no radiation to the human body, no pollution to the environment. The Marquina Nero Marble also reaches the national report standard and have superior conditions and modern and most advanced production equipment in China. Black Marble Nero Marquina is a good material formosaicsertops, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and other design projects, especially popular for modern high-end architectural decoration.

Nero Marquina marble is quarried in Guangxi and Hubei of China, mainly in Guangxi, but this Black Marquina marble is from Hubei province, which has more and finer white veins.


1-Nero Marquina Marble Specifications 

Perfect Stone offers high-quality Marble Marquina Black in polished or honed surfaces, from Jumbo Slabs and Cut-to-Size Tiles, and it is this polishing that gives the stone its distinctive shine.
The Black Marquina marble is distinguished by its deep black color and striking white veins. Because of its deep black tone, this marble offers a sumptuous appearance and may be used in sleek styles. 

Product Name Indoor Deco Excellent Material in Nero Marquina Marble
Materials Natural marble
Colour Black, white
Thickness 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm or customized
Slab sizes 1800upx600mm; 1800upx650mm; 1800upx700mm
2400upx600mm; 2400upx650mm; 2400upx700mm
Tile sizes 300x300mm; 600x600mm; 450x450mm, and any size available

Polished,, honed or customized

Edge processing Machine cutting, round edge etc
Packing Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet

The Black Marquina comes in polished, honed, and leather finishes.

2- Chinese Marquina Black Marble Slabs 

Black Marquina Marble With More White Veins - marble-slabs

Black Marquina Marble With More White Veins - marble-slabs

Black Marquina Marble With More White Veins - marble-slabs

3-Why Designers Like To Choose Marquina Black Marble? 

The Black Marquina has a marble appearance and is similar to the Black Marquina marble. This porcelain has a lovely pattern of white veins. This provides the worktop with a distinct appearance. Irregular veining in varying concentrations brings to mind the artistic brushstrokes on a deep black canvas. The result is a velvety, stony covering that blends into any environment thanks to its infinite aesthetic possibilities. The Black Marquina complements both light and dark hues because of the contrast between the black and white veins. It is the perfect marble to enhance any living space as a bathroom vanity top, fireplace surround, or flooring. If you want to grab attention with a natural stone surface, Black Marquina marble is a fantastic choice.


4-Chinese Nero Marquina Black Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Black Marquina Marble With More White Veins - marble-slabs

Perfect Stone supplies natural marble tiles and granite tiles in all standard sizes. Our working method ensures that every delivery meets the highest quality requirements and is optimally homogeneous. The prices are on request.