Black Basalt Stone Paver

Surface Finishing:Polished
Stone Form:Cobble stone
Stone Name:Black basalt
Feature:Manufacturer/ supplier
Size:As required

Black basalt stone oaver has the performance advantages of beauty, fashion, environmental protection, anti-aging, and non-deformation. It can be widely used in municipal, water conservancy, parks, traffic bridges and other guardrail projects. 

Basalt is a versatile stone type that is well renowned for its great quality and durability. Some examples are cobblestones, pavers, and tiles. For walkways, driveways, and other flat walking surfaces, basalt paving stones are used. Basalt Paving Stones may enhance the aesthetic and usefulness of your business or residential project since they are available in a variety of bespoke forms, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. To find out more about our extensive collection of Basalt Paving Stones, contact us right away.

Product Description:

  Basalt Stone is a residential kind of black granite that is appropriate for use as a countertop, interior wall, outdoor wall, and other uses.
  The performance benefits of black basalt stone paver include aesthetic appeal, current trends, environmental preservation, anti-aging, and non-deformation. It is frequently used in guardrail projects for parks, traffic bridges, water conservation, and municipal buildings.

  Granite floor paving stones have the broadest range of uses, encompassing almost all locations, and the highest demand, accounting for more than 90% of the market for floor paving. Sandstone floor paving: Sandstone floor pavement is natural, eco-friendly, and has good decorative effects and vibrant hues. A tiny portion of it is also used in squares, although it is primarily utilized for paving in parks, courtyards, walkways, tourist attractions, and other locations.

  Lane stones and sidewalk stones are two types of these materials that are mostly utilized as ground paving for aisles and road traffic corridors. The lane stones are typically 800-120mm thick, which is thicker. Granite is commonly used for pavement. More of a monotone gray and white palette is used. The sidewalk stone is usually 30 to 50 mm thick and is either gray-black or black. There are numerous stone options, including granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, etc. There are also more color options.

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone


Black basalt stone paver

Brand Perfect Stone
Available size







Customized sizes are available

Stone shape


Surface processing 

Polished,honed,flamed ,bushhammered.




Fumigated wood crates

Supply Ability

10000 ㎡/Month

Delivery Detailit

15 ~20 days after order confirmed

We offer incredible discounts, free sample for custom design, custom packaging, and QC as per custom requirements.

Payment Terms

T/T, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

5cm paving stone

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Black basalt

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Driving stone

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Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stoneBlack Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone

Black Basalt Stone Paver - cobble-stone