Big Grey Marble Slabs

Big Grey Marble is known as Arabescato White, which is quarried in Italy only. The Marble Arabescato is distinguished by its lovely white background and noticeable grey veining. Arabescato is a well-liked option for both indoor and outdoor applications, and there are many different ways to employ it to produce breathtaking visual effects.
Material: Big Grey Marble, Italian Arabescato Marble
Size: 2600upx1800up, 2400upx1200up, 2200upx1100up, etc.
Thickness: 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm or custom thickness.
Surface: polished or honed are better.
MOQ: 100 SQM
Marble Factory: Perfect Stone
Usages of Marble: For internal and external decoration and construction, wall or flooring tiles, or slabs, tops, or kitchen countertops are available.

Big Grey Italian Arabescato White Marble Slabs

Big Grey Marble Slabs are a natural white stone with an attractive combination of soft whites and dusty greys that twirl together in an eternal marble pattern. Wild and striking White Arabescato Marble is available in a matte (honed) surface and has a white marble backdrop with dramatic dark grey Big Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabsmarble veining. Only for internal usage of Arabescato Marble Slabs, which fit for bathroom walls and floors, wet areas, and under-floor heating. As well as, but not restricted to, use in bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, and lobby areas. Why not match our skirtings and mouldings to our natural stone tiles?

Arabescato marble is renowned across the world for its magnificent pure white background and lovely veining patterns.

The extracted variety of Arabescato will determine the veining pattern. A strongly brecciated marble with rounded veining in a pattern resembling grey blue is called Arabescato Italian Marble. This unique look makes this stone an extremely popular choice for ornamental furniture and luxury interiors.

The marble stone Arabescato is fairly brittle. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness places it near the bottom. Because of this, it is a little bit easier to cut than other types of natural stone like granite or quartzite.Arabescato Marble is distinguished by its dramatic dark grey veining formed in a chain-link pattern, contrasting a bright white background. This unique pattern allows this stone to make a bold statement in any décor used as countertops, wall & floor panels, furniture, and more.


1-The Specifications of Italian White Marble Slabs and Tiles 

Item Popular Size (mm) Thickness Packing
Tile and Cut-to-size 300*300; 305*305; 400*400
457*457; 305*610;500*500
610*610; 600*600; 800*800
600*1200; 1200*1200
8mm, 10mm
12mm, 15mm
20mm, 25mm
30mm, 40mm
Packed in carton then put on wooden pallet;

Packed in Styrofoam box then put in wooden crate;

Packed in a strong wooden crate

Half Slab and Gangsaw Slab 600*2400up; 650*2400up
700*2400up; 750*2400up
800*2400up; 900*2400up
15mm, 16mm
17mm, 18mm
19mm, 20mm
25mm, 30mm
40mm, 50mm
Packed in a strong wooden bundle
Tread and Riser 1000-1500 * 300 / 320
1000-1500 *150
20mm, 30mm Packed in a strong wooden crate
Countertop and Vanity tops 96″*36″; 96″*25″; 96″*16″;
78″*36″; 78″*25″; 72″*36″; 108″*26″;

25″*19″/22″; 31″*19″/22″; 37″*19″/22″;
49″*19″/22″; 61″*19″/22″

3/4″; 1 1/2″ Packed in strong wooden crates, then metal strap reinforced
Other customized size, thickness and packing requests are welcomed.



2-Arabescato White Marble Slabs For Choosing

Big Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabsBig Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabs
Big Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabsBig Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabs
3-Do You Know How to Care Tips for Arabescato Marble?

Any natural stone material needs to be maintained using a three-phase system. By using this strategy, maintaining your Italian marble becomes a habit and is the suggested method for keeping the stone in top condition. The three stages consist of:

1-Apply one of the natural stone sealers to your Arabescato surface on a regular basis.
2-Daily Maintenance: Use a cleaner made specifically for stone surfaces to clean the surface after applying sealer, whether the marble is from Italy or anywhere else, to prevent damage to the sealer you have already applied.
3-Even after completing the previous two processes, it might be necessary to remove a stain from the surface. Select one of the marble care kits if necessary.

4-More Natural Marble Collection from Perfect Stone

Big Grey Marble Slabs - marble-slabs

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