Bianco Carrera Marble Vanity Top

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Material:Italy carrara white marble
Port: China

Payment: L/C, T/T at sight

Product Introduction

Bianco carrera marble is not deformed, has high hardness and strong wear resistance. After long-term natural aging of the rock, the structure of the marble countertop is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress disappears completely, and there is no deformation. Not afraid of acid, lye, corrosion, no rust, no oil, not easy to stick to dust, easy and simple maintenance, and long service life of the marble countertop.

White marble vanity top is resistant to abrasion and high temperature, and the marble countertop is maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and low temperature deformation. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

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Carrara white vanity top

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Marble vanity top factory

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Marble countertop supplier

Product name Bianco carrera marble vanity top
Color White
Material Bianco carrera marble
Style Modern
Finish Polished
Certificate SGS text report
Usage indoor/outdoor wall, floor, counter tops, basin, stair, column etc.
Slabs Size (2400-3000) X (1200-1600) X (12-30) mm
Countertop Size 96″x36″,108″x36″,118″x36″,36″x22″,48″x22″,60″x22″,72″x22″,
Application Kitchen room and bathroom .

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