Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab

Material:Bianco Carrara CD Campanili


Bianco carrara white marbleis a kind of imported marble from Italy, which is mainly used for indoor high-end decoration, components and carving materials.

Carrara, a small town in north-central Italy, known as the “marble capital of the world”, has the world’s most diverse and best-quality white marble. It is a high-end building and sculpture material that was popular in Europe during the Roman era. The most prestigious in the world (white Italian Carrara mine, white-grey Greek Drama-Kavala-Sos mine, beige Turkish MEDEAR mine, Indian Rajasthan mine, Alicante province in Spain mine)

Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab - own-quarry

Bianco carrara white marble is slightly rough and has a sugar-like structure that is easier to cut than other marbles,” said Marco Ragone, an expert consultant for the stone market of Carrara International Stone and Machinery Company (IMMCarrara). “That’s why The ancient sculptors favored this marble. ”


Carrara marble CD has become a global stone hub with its rich and developed marble craft culture. Miners from all over the world send marbles here, with the help of local craftsmen’s exquisite technology and craftsmanship to create ideal finished products. “Even today, if the miner wants to launch a new stone in the market, Carrara is still a must.” Lagone said.

Materials Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab
Color White
Sizes Slabs available: Length:2000-3000mm*Height:1400-2000mm

Tiles available: 600*600mm / 600*.300mm or custom size

Advantage: Import block from Italy directly.
Usage Used for floor, pattern, wall cladding, indoor   decoration, countertop
Surface Polished, honed
Packing Seaworthy wooden bundle
Payment terms 30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment

Our advantages as below:

We regular import Carrara white marble block from Italy quarry directly in every month.

Our standard quality based on USA market,

We have our own countertop – factory,by purchasing our products, you are buying manufacturer-direct and get competitive price.

Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab - own-quarry

Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab - own-quarry

Bianco Carrara CD Campanili Slab - own-quarry