Beige Travertine Floor Tiles

Turkish Travertine Classic Vein-Cut is a beige colored natural stone with a very unique look. Characterized mainly by its natural pits and occasional brighter spots, this variation shows mineral veins running longitudinally or vertically along the plate. Beige Travertine floors are both traditional and historic, having been used to build most of the iconic landmarks around the world throughout history. Many of them remain strong today, demonstrating how durable and resilient they are.
Materail: Polished or Honed Beige Travertine Tiles
Size: 305×305, 610×610, 457×457, 800×1200, etc
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm
Surface: Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled
MOQ: 100 SQM, or as per your request
Travertine Supplier: Perfect Stone
Proposed uses: Exterior building cladding, interior wall panels, counter tops and bars and other design projects.

Turkish Beige Travertine Honed Tiles 

In terms of market and sales. Beige Travertine Stone has become one of the best natural stones of its kind in the world.

Beige travertine is imported travertine produced in Turkey. It is a type of travertine. It is named because there are many holes on the surface of the stone.

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertineThere are many types of travertine slabs, and then there are different places of origin. Produced in Italy, Turkey, and Iran, the quality produced in Rome, Italy is better.

Beige travertine-travertine is named because there are many holes on the surface of the stone. The scientific name of the stone is tuff or travertine. Humans have used this stone for a long time, and it is the most representative of Roman culture. It is a masterpiece of cave stones.

Travertine Light Beige Tiles’ texture is clear and uniform, high-end and elegant, the product is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of hotels, villas, construction projects, etc.

The Beige Travertine Tiles have a beige background and a natural pattern, and come at an affordable price, and are widely used indoors and outdoors for decorative and protective purposes.

The Travertine Stone Tile has a vein-cut orientation and has a transparent resin filling. Our Beige Travertine pavers are made of natural stone and undergo various processes to enhance their appearance. They come in various eye-catching travertine paver patterns and styles to choose from.

1-Vein-Cut Travertine Tiles Basic Size Information

Beige Travertine Tiles For Floor and Wall Projects
Brand Perfect Stone
available size 12”x12”(305x305x10mm)
1.8cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x1.8cm

3cm Slab–240cm(up)x120cm(up)x3.0cm

Customized sizes are available

Stone shape Stair
Surface processing Polished, honed
Color Beige
Packing Fumigated wood crates
We accept customized packing
MOQ NO MOQ, It depends on the client’s requirements.
Supply Ability 50000 m2/Month
Delivery Detail It depends on the order quantity.
For regular customers, we offer incredible discounts, sample free shipping, free sample for custom design, custom packaging and QC as per custom requirements.
We accept customized designs.
Payment terms T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance against B/L COPY

A vein cut is a cutting technique that involves making a cut against the bedding planes or following the vein. This reveals the formation’s border and creates a linear pattern in the travertine tile.

2-Travertine Stone Project Tiles Dry Lay Processing 

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine  Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine  Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine

3-What are the disadvantages of beige travertine?

1. The true density of the travertine itself is relatively high, but due to the existence of a large number of holes, the volume density is low, the water absorption rate is increased, and the strength is reduced. Therefore, the physical performance index is lower than the normal marble standard. Due to the large number of natural defects such as textures, lines, mud bands, and cracks, the uniformity of performance of this material is poor. In particular, the dispersion of the bending strength is very large. The large bending strength can reach more than ten megapascals and the small one is less than 1 megapascal. Some of them will break during the transportation process, which is easy to cause industrial accidents.

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine

-Beige Travertine Wall Paving Tiles in Bathroom Designs

2. Natural defects are also the main reason for the poor freeze resistance of this material. Many samples have frozen and cracked into a pile of rubble before the performance of 25 freeze-thaw cycles. This kind of stone belongs to limestone with a carbonate structure and poor carbonation. It is used in heavily polluted areas like Asia, where acid rain erosion will be very serious and the destruction of stone will be accelerated. There are many reasons why this material is used on the wall, especially because the dry hanging method is used on the outer wall in a large area, which has a very high risk.

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine

-Beige Travertine Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding Projects

4-Beige Travertine Slabs and Tiles Chinese Factory 

Beige Travertine Floor Tiles - travertine

Perfect Stone manufactures a variety of natural stones for the construction industry, including marble, travertine, limestone, basalt, and onyx. One of the most popular stones is travertine, especially beige travertine marble. This genuine product is used in several areas as a trim and flooring component.