Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs

Malachite, a semi-precious gemstone, is suitable for luxury furniture, countertops, and deluxe interior designs. best price for malachite slab, round table, bathroom backsplash, kitchen backsplash, vanity counter top, and other designs
Material: Malachite Green Gemstone Slabs
Size: 3000×1500, 2600×1400, 2400×1220 mm
Thickness: 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 30 mm
Surface: Polished
MOQ: 1 pc large slabs
Malachite Slab Factory: Perfect Stone
Usages: Slabs, Countertops, Table Tops, Wall Cladding and other interior designs.
The large semi-precious green gemstone slabs can be backlit thanks to the transparency of the gems.

Artificial Semiprecious Malachite Green Gemstone Slabs

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs are made of natural agate, gemstone, quartz, and other luxurious stones, and selected semi-precious stones then bond with resin (i.e. resin bonded slabs). The resin can resist staining. Semi-precious stone slabs & countertops are in high demand these days due to their incredibly good look and ability to backlight. The Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stonemain application areas are Bars, Malls, Homes, Air crafts, Cruise Ships, Yachts, Royal Palaces, Royal Bungalows, Five Star & Seven Sar Hotels, etc.

Highly demanded & saleable Agate Slabs i.e. Blue Agate slabs & Black Agate slabs, most choice and selected material by World’s Top Architects & Interior.

Malachite Gemstone Slabs are known for their banded deep green color & are said to absorb negative energies & activate the chakras attuning to spiritual guidance.

The luxurious Malachite Green Slabs are widely used in various commercial, residential and industrial sectors to enhance the looks.

Enchanting and beautiful in its luster, Gren Malachite Gemstone Slab is prized for its extraordinary color, which varies from pale green to the darkest green. When polished, one can observe concentric rings and bands of the kind that further accentuate the raised green hue. This fine Malachite Semiprecious Gemstone Slab is used to make ornaments. They are often embedded in objects, columns, sections, tables, etc.

Due to Green Malachite Slabs’ remarkable strengths, we could find no better place for Malachite polished tiles than in one’s bathroom – a room where we look for health, cleansing, and overall well-being.


1-Basic Sizes of Malachite Gemstone Slabs

Our company’s main aim is to only offer the best Semi-Precious Stones.

We offer the finest Semi-Precious Stone Slabs from China with over 45 plus colors, for which you can choose from more colors, Print variations, Styles, & Blends.

Malachite semiprecious stone slabs
based on order detail
interior and exterior
white, grey, black, red, blue, grey, etc.

Any customization is ok.

Tiles: 30×30, 30×60, 40×60, 40×80, 60×60, 80×80……
Curbstone: 80~120cmx20~50cmx6~20cm
Paving Stone: 10x10x8cm, 9x9x8cm, 5x5x5cm, etc

Slabs: 2400up x 1200up, 1800up x 600up……

15 years
paving stone, tactile pavings, blocks, wall tile, kerbstone, landscaping stone, stair and riser, tiles, etc.
No limitation
Standard Exporting Seaworthy Package
( Inner: Paper box and Plastic Film and Foam; Outer: Solid Wood Crates or Pallets.)
polished, honed, flamed, brushed, bush-hammer, sanded, split, punched, etc
Delivery time
About 2 weeks after confirmation
Xiamen or another port

1. Supply to the USA, Europe, and Australia

2. Material: 100% natural granite
3. Certificate of NSF, SGS, ISO, CE, etc…
4. Automatical Production Line with Experienced Staff


2-Green Malachite Agate Slabs from Perfect Stone

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone  Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone  Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone


3-Deluxe Interior Designs with Malachite Gemstone Slabs and Tiles

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone  Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone

4-Choose Malachite Semi-precious Stone From Perfect Stone

Artificial Semiprecious Stone Slabs - luxury-stone

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We can also do countertops and provide countertop Professional CAD Drawing

We can measure the specifications of the granite required according to the

complicated shop drawing of a project and return to you with a simple one.