Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop

Quartz stone is more than 93% quartz, the hardness is stone, the name is diamond, the density is good, and the anti-fouling ability is strong. The quartz stone has the texture of natural stone and a beautiful surface luster. Same with calacatta white quartz stone, which can wildly be used as a countertop, vanity top, and flooring.

  • Quartz Material: Pure White Quartz, White Quartz, Calacatta White Quartz
  • Quartz Countertop Size: 

    Countertop: 38×25 1/2″, 62×25 1/2’’, 78×25 1/2″, 96″x25 1/2″, 108″x25 1/2″

    Island: 72″x36″, 53’’x41’’, 77″x41″, 95″x41″, 108″x44″

    Vanity top: 54’’x22 1/2’’,70’’x22 1/2’’, 84×22 1/2’’

  • Thickness: 20mm, 30mm, 20+20mm
  • Surface: Polished, Honed
  • MOQ: 100 Set
  • Quartz Brand/Factory: Perfect Stone
  • Usage: Suitable for Residential Use (Kitchen Countertops, Bars, Walls, Furniture, and others) and Public Building (Cabaret, Canteen, Bank, Hospital, Exhibition, Laboratory, and others)
  • Payment: T/T, L/C at Sight

Artificial White Quartz Polished Kitchen Countertops Slab

Artificial quartz countertop slab is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. Quartz stone is the plate produced by quartz stone plate manufacturers at present. It is the abbreviation of material because the main component of the container is more than 93% quartz, the hardness is stone, the name is diamond, the density is good, and the antifouling ability is strong. This is the choice of an Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop for the cabinet. Like the white quartz stone of Calacatta Marble Look Quartz, Pure White Quartz, and Carrara Quartz, the white, grey, or black quartz stone slab can be widely used as a countertop, dresser countertop, and floor.

Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

-Top 3 Quartz Colors for Kitchen Countertops Projects, Pure white Quartz, Calacatta Quartz, and Bianco Carrara White Quartz. These 3 quartz colors are very popular in any country. Because that white color is always hot, an easy match for any kitchen design, and never out of trend for any interior space.

Why Choose White Color Engineered Quartz?

The man-made white quartz countertop slab adds interest and charm to any space. This premium quartz is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere you want a touch of understated elegance. White quartz kitchen countertops are perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, this durable, low-maintenance, stain-resistant quartz is recommended for use as flooring, backsplashes, and accent walls in residential and commercial properties.

Products Description


1 Item:  Artificial White Quartz Stone Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
2 Sample:

 -Free Sample with Freight Collect.

 -Free our stock color sample.

 -Or Make Your Special or Requested Project Color Sample for Free.

3  Certificate:  Food Contacting; Water Absorption + Density; Mohs Hardness;
4 Quality Control:

 Safe Packing

 Color Difference Control

 Thickness Tolerance: +/-1mm

 All products are inspected by experienced QC piece by piece and then packed.

5 Color:  With Mirror Colors, Pure, Marble Look, Multi Colors, Texture Colors, Calacatta, Carrara White, Black, Grey, Beige, Red, Grey, etc


6 Size:

 a) Slabs size: 126’’x63’’(3200x1600mm), 118’’x55’’(3000x1400mm) etc

    Wide range of size, Length is 2800~3200mm, Width 1200~1600mm.

     There is an extra length of 20-30mm width and height, it is free of charge.

 b) Cut-to-size: 1200x1200mm, 800x800mm, 1200x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm and other no-standard slab size.

 c) Countertop: 38×25 1/2″, 62×25 1/2’’, 78×25 1/2″, 96″x25 1/2″, 108″x25 1/2″

 d)  Island: 72″x36″, 53’’x41’’, 77″x41″, 95″x41″, 108″x44″

 e) Vanity top: 54’’x22 1/2’’,70’’x22 1/2’’, 84×22 1/2’’

 f) Other products produced by Customized Sizes

7 Thickness:  12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm
8 Finish:

 a) Surface Finish: Polished, Honed, Antiqued, Leathered, Abrasive Blasting

 b) Side Finish: Flat, Eased (Laminated Straight/Straight), Half Bullnosed, Full Bullnosed, Ogee, 45°Mitered and needed edge.

9 Usage:

 Suitable for Residential Use (Kitchen Countertops, Bars, Walls, Furniture, and others) and Public Building (Cabaret, Canteen, Bank, Hospital, Exhibition, Laboratory, and others)

10  Packing: 

 a) Slabs: 15-20pcs pack in a seaworthy bundle (with Funmigated)

 b) Cut-to-size: 60-80pcs pack in a seaworthy crate (with Fumigated)

 c) Countertops/Vanity Tops: 12-25pcs packed in seaworthy crates, each surface covered with PE film (with Fumigated)

 d) Stairs/Steps: 80-120pcs packed in a seaworthy crate, each 10-15pcs a bundle (with Fumigated)

 e) Special Packaged as client’s requirement

Engineered White Quartz Stone Countertop has the texture of natural stone and beautiful surface luster. Quartz stone table top has a variety of colors, including the obi series, crystal series, granite series, marble look series, and twinkling star series. It can be used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.), and join me in decorating (kitchen tabletop). It is a new type of building interior decoration material that is non-radioactive pollution, reusable, and environmentally friendly.

Artificial Pure White Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2   Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2   Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

The fabricated white quartz kitchen countertop slab is good-looking and can be versatile because it is easy to take care of and looks cleaner. Pure and spotless color. The table top with white as the main tone presents a simple, elegant, and clean feeling, which is undoubtedly the best choice for thoseArtificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2 who like to be clean and quiet. Pure White Engineered Quartz Countertop is a warm color, as long as the color does not contrast too much, it is OK. For example, off-white, in short, the color should not be too dark so that it can be matched. In addition, remember to match the style of the cabinet door with the style of the countertop. The matching of white and black, a contrasting color, will create a simple calm effect, and there is nothing to disturb the mind. White with any color will create an unexpected feeling.

Features of Pure White Quartz/ Snow White Quartz in Kitchen

Snow White Quartz Countertop Slabs beautifully reflect white and icy flecks when you want to add sparkle and elegance to your kitchen, bathroom, or other design features. The best uses for this durable quartz include residential and commercial real estate projects such as flooring, countertops, landscaping, and walls not recommended for outdoor use in sub-freezing areas. Each prefabricated countertop comes with a 6-inch high backsplash. The 2cm countertop has 1-1/2″ laminated flat edges on the long and short sides. Available in 2cm and 3cm slabs and precast options, you can get the gorgeous marble look with durable, maintenance-free quartz.

Besides Pure White Quartz Stone, Perfect Stone also provides other white quartz colors for our client’s kitchen and bathroom countertop projects in any residences and commercial estate projects. Such as Calacatta White Quartz, Clacatta Gold Quartz, and Bianco Carrara Quartz. These 4 White Quartz Colors are so popular and have elegant looks in any kitchen style.

Calacatta White Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2   Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

-Calacatta White Quartz Kitchen Bench Top Slabs                                  -Artificial White Calacatta Quartz Jumbo Slabs

Calacatta White Quartz is the newest addition to our Quartz range. The eye-catching beautiful grain and luxury are attractive. This quartz offers the Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2natural look of Calacatta marble without the drawbacks associated with marble countertops. The artificial Calacatta White Quartz Countertop Slab is a durable, stain and scratch-resistant countertop that is also a convenient choice.

The Reasons for Choosing Calacatta White Marble Look Quartz

Artificial White Calacatta Quartz Slab realizes the perfect integration of gray seams and white stone. Quartz Calacatta is pure, natural, light, and elegant. Each texture is its unique soul.
On the way to perfection, every lightning, every mountain, every river
Every moment of natural change is an inspiration.

Artificial White Quartz Calacatta Slab is a new revolution in design and technology. It worships nature, pursues perfection, and endows quartz stone with a unique soul! The variety of colors and patterns of the Calacatta Quartz series brings infinite possibilities to any kitchen space design. The color of the grain, whether it is gray, light gray, dark gray, or the different direction of the grain, as well as the thickness of the grain, is another kind of Quartz Calacatta. But the only constant is the pure white background of this artificial quartz stone.

Calacatta Golden Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2   Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

-Golden Pattern Calacatta White Quartz Countertop Slabs                       -Calacatta Gold White Quartz Countertop Slabs

Artificial Calacatta Gold Quartz complements the look of any room with its beautiful white background combined with rich, soft stripes. The Golden Veins feature a beautiful blend of rust vein highlights and light and dark taupes to give a natural marble look Durable, easy to clean, stain resistant, and virtuallyArtificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2 maintenance free, this Calacatta Gold Quartz Slab is ideal for residential and commercial applications With its soft, chic look, this quartz is the perfect solution for countertops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, accent walls, shower surrounds, bars, and more Indulge in beauty with Calacatta Gold  White Quartz.

4 Reasons You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

1) Amazing Pattern and Looks 

Other kitchen counters have few variations, so the choices are limited, but the quartz counter is the opposite. No two worktops are the same, as each surface design varies in color, pattern, and overall finish
2) Easy maintenance of Kitchen and Bathroom Quartz Countertop Slab Surface

As well as aesthetics, quartz countertops are ideal for practical reasons. Cleaning up is inevitable with daily use of the kitchen, so it is best to choose a kitchen that is easy to clean and maintain Quartz countertops can provide just that, even without seals. No matter how hot your spill or mug gets, you won’t have to worry about stains or coffee rings on your countertop Quartz material can be true to color, unlike other kitchen countertops that can change with the use of chemical cleaning agents.
3) Durability of Fabricated Artificial Quartz Countertop In Kitchen and Bathroom

If you want a guaranteed long-lasting investment in your home, you can look forward to the longevity that quartz countertops offer. They are harder Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2than other kitchen countertop materials and are less likely to scratch or chip
Remember to order your quartz countertops from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. Some people try to masquerade as quartz countertops with something resembling granite or marble, so buy from a reputable service to make sure you have the right one for your kitchen
4) Household Flexibility

Some may wonder if quartz countertops are suitable for their home, but this material is very flexible for almost any home You will be amazed at the durability of your quartz countertops.
Another example of hers is seniors who want to improve their home before selling it or giving it to a loved one. Quartz countertops have a reputation for adding value to your home, so installing them in your kitchen is ideal for adding value.

In a Word, due to its durability and design possibilities, artificial quartz is a popular alternative to granite and marble with many advantages over most other countertop materials.

Bianco Carrara White Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2   Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

-Carrara White Quartz Jombo Slabs For Countertops                                -Carrara Quartz Kitchen Bench Tops 

Artifical White Quartz is more durable than granite and retains its natural stone appearance without maintenance.

Carrara White Quartz Countertop surface or another artificial quartz color for the kitchen and bathroom is a man-made product made from 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resin to create a very strong and durable stone surface Unlike natural stones such as granite and soapstone, quartz has a non-porous surface that does not need to be sealed and is highly resistant to bacteria, chemicals, dirt, heat, and moisture It’s also much lighter than granite, but just as reliable.

Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

-Carrara Quartz Slabs are suitable for any shape and design in Kitchen, like kitchen worktops, Waterfall Countertops, and Benchtops.

Quartz Countertop Kitchen Cabinet surfaces come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles that coordinate easily with cabinets, backsplashes, and flooring.

More Artificial White Quartz Slabs Color For Countertops


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

Marble-look or Marble Pattern Quartz Series in White Background is still popular in China and other countries. Perfect Stone provides 80+ marble-look quartz colors for our clients to choose from. From famous Calacatta Quartz Series, Carrara White Quartz, Pietra Grey Quartz, Nero Marquina Black Quartz, and Pure White Quartz. You Can find any colors or veins from our factory, and we also provide customized color and pattern design services for our clients.

Artificial White Quartz Factory In China | Perfect Stone


Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2

Wild Range Application of Perfect Stone Quartz Series:

Our Artificial Quartz Stone can be processed into different products, such as Kitchen Countertops/ Bathroom Vanity Tops/ Laboratory Counters/ Reception Desk/ Table Tops/ Coffee Table/ Window Sills/ Stairs/ Indoor Wall Cladding, and Flooring.

Perfect Stone manufactures Quartz slabs, Quartz countertops, and Prefabricated countertops. We have been exporting globally for over 12 years. We are up to date with the regulations of all the countries that we export to. With us, you can enjoy a truly luxurious experience where we assist you through the entire process of design, production, and logistics. – we offer end-to-end client satisfaction!

We maintain professional relationships with customers, builders, designers, fabricators, architects, and contractors, retail worldwide with our premium and marble pattern quartz in full range. Our professional team provides full service of project design, customization, and processing for several key projects, such as hotels, hospitality, commercial, restaurant, residential, airports, subway stops, railway stations, squares, villas, interior and exterior decoration.

Artificial Polished Quartz Slab Countertop - quartz-slab-2