Ariston White Marble Slab

Ariston marble is a stunning blend of elegant colors, resulting in an unrivaled aesthetic balance. Ariston marble complements practically any design style. Upgrade residential and commercial projects with this natural white marble.


Greek Luxury Ariston Marble Slab

Ariston White marble slab is a high-end product of white marble materials, with excellent color and fine texture, almost no gray veins, but the texture is soft, and the whitest color belongs to a kind of gem. Like white clouds floating in a clear sky, one cannot resist the lure of beauty.


But even if not cheap, the number of white marble quarries and blocks in Ariston has rarely kept people flocking. Ariston Marble Slab is a raw material which is ideal for decorating high-end hotels and villas with elegant stone features. Ariston Natural Marble’s popular white marble finish is polished so that it is always easy to catch the eye and feel comfortable when installed. The tile dimensions of Ariston white marble are too soft to be cut into large dimensions. Otherwise, it will increase the cost of damage and packing during transportation. In all the white marble materials. Ariston white marble is very popular with the people, and the modern and simple style shows the beauty of luxury.

The texture of White Ariston Marble is relatively soft. If improperly packed, it is easy to be damaged during transportation. Therefore, the long-distance transportation packing box must be filled with a certain thickness of the foam. Generally, one-centimeter thick foam is sufficient. After packing, the stone inside cannot have any shaking.

Jumbo Slabs of Ariston Marble | Perfect Stone

Ariston White Marble Slab - white-marbleAriston White Marble Slab - white-marble

Ariston White Marble Slab - white-marbleAriston White Marble Slab - white-marble

Basic Sizes Details of Ariston Marble

Name Ariston White Marble For Indoor Floor and Stairs
Brand Perfect Stone
Material Natural Marble
Color White
Shape Jumbo Slab 2400upx1200up, 2600upx1400up
Thickness 18mm

Interior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor and out decoration, widely used for wall, flooring tiles


Natural Marble Factory Photos

Ariston White Marble Slab - white-marble






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