6 Pockets Granite Pool Table

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Regular Size: 6ft-12ft
Surface:Machine cut

Product Introduction

6 Pockets Granite Pool Table

Billiards originated in Western Europe and was introduced to China at the end of the Qing Dynasty. It gradually became popular after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is now a very popular sport. Various gyms have billiard rooms. However, the traditional pool table has many shortcomings.

With the popularization of billiards, the requirements of golfers on the quality of billiard tables have been further improved. In general, the pool table includes a table top, and support legs are provided under the table top; upper edges are blocked around the table top, the upper tops are higher than the table top, and ball drop holes are provided at the four corners and the middle of the two long sides of the table top. The top of the current billiard table is generally made of wood, and the top is fixed to the side of the table by nails. A rubber strip is pasted on the inner side of the upper top, and a table top is laid on the table top, and the table top is covered and pasted on the table top, the rubber strip and the upper top. After being hit, the billiard ball must collide with the edge of the pool to rebound. The accuracy of hitting the billiard ball is closely related to the elasticity of the pool edge of the billiard table. However, the wooden edge of the pool has defects such as uneven elasticity and small resilience, and is susceptible to moisture. deformation. The quality of the billiard table depends on the two core technologies for making the billiard table.

One is the flatness of the billiard table (table top), which directly affects the alignment of the ball; the second is whether the rebound force of the upper table of the billiard table Powerful, whether it is even. The natural defect of the wooden material is that its material cannot be uniform. The hardness of the billiard table made of wood is very low, the rigidity is poor, and it is easy to deform. Therefore, the resilience of its different parts is not good, which basically causes a rebound angle. The deviation occurs, which restricts the improvement of the resilience. In order to prevent the deformation of the upper top and increase its resilience, some billiard tables are inlaid with a steel plate on the inside of the upper top, but this combination of steel plate and wood still cannot suppress the deformation of the upper top and fundamentally improve the elasticity of the upper top. .

Moreover, the tightness and damage of the package of Tenny will bring a noticeably poor experience to the users of the pool table. Therefore, the Kuban edge Tenny will be replaced frequently. When replacing the traditional kuai structure with the tigny, the adhesive part must be torn apart and the code nails must be pryed off. The existing problems are: inconvenient replacement; residual glue left on the bottom surface of the lower lining and backing wooden strips affects the wrapping effect of New Taiwani; the bottom surface of the lower lining and backing wooden strips is easily damaged.

At the same time, the connection between the slate table and the library side is a three-hole link. After the billiards are hit, they will collide with the library side and the slate. The accuracy of hitting the billiards is closely related to the vibration of the pool side of the billiard table, but the connection between the conventional slate and the library side is only The three bolts make the elasticity of the pool edge uneven, causing the billiard ball to collide with the deviation direction of the elasticity of the pool edge, thereby affecting the accuracy of hitting the billiards.

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Granite pool table

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