18mm Big Slab Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Panel For Countertop

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Nano-crystallite is a mineral-filled polymer composite material (referred to as solid surface material or solid plate for short) made of nano-materials plus natural stone powder and natural pigments after vacuum casting or compression molding. It is a non-radioactive element and environmentally friendly , Reusable green new building decoration materials.

Product Introduction

Know About Nano Stone:

Nano-microcrystalline stone solves the biggest disadvantage of natural stone-radioactivity, will not cause harm to the human body. The natural stone is added with nano-materials. After constant temperature curing and polishing, the materials produced are more compact and smooth. At the same time, the anti-permeability, abrasion resistance and mildew resistance of the nano-microcrystalline stone avoids the shortcomings of ordinary artificial stones and has practical value.

Nano-crystallite is widely used in home decoration, such as signboards, stair handrails, wall foot lines, middle wall lines, hospital laboratory workbenches and various handicrafts, etc., making it popular in home decoration with the characteristics of green environmental protection and excellent performance Material market, this is a demand of the times, the development of technology!

Nowadays, the protection of the environment, green consumption, and healthy life have been recognized by more and more people. Nano-microcrystalline stone technology benefits mankind and has become a technological pioneer in energy conservation and environmental protection.