126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab

Light Grey Quartz is a popular engineered quartz stone color from Perfect Stone. We provide more than 30 varieties of quartz for your choice, from white to black, and a wide range of colors. This durable quartz can be used in panels and is recommended for landscaping, floors, countertops, and walls. Taking it a step further, Light Grey Quartz comes in a new range of colors inspired by life on earth and from the unexpected beauty of nature; soft, deep and balanced. Quartz is becoming more and more important in various fields. Our company can quickly adapt to your home and commercial interiors.

Product Name: Light Grey Quartz, Grey Sparkle Quartz
Place of Origin: China
Quartz Factory: Perfect Stone
Quartz Slab Size: 3200mmX1600mm/3000mmX1400mm regularly and Jumbo size
2800mmX1400mm customized on order
Color: Grey
Size/Thickness: 20mm, 30mm
MOQ: 50 Square Meters / Pieces
Samples: Free
Density 2.3~2.5g/cm3 

Payment: 30% advanced, balance 70% before loading the container
T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance

Usages: Kitchen Countertops, Dinner Table, Flooring, Table Tops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Benchtops, Coffee Tables, Inner Wall Cladding

Slight Grey Quartz Stone For Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops 

The 126×63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab has a complete and honest tone, and its light rhyme is double. Retro and modern, luxurious and low-key, which can be switched freely and store unlimited possibilities, this grey tone quartz is a very traditional and classic color for any kitchen and bathroom countertop design, which is popular with designers, builders, and residence owners.126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2

As a classic color, gray can be matched with any color in terms of color matching. In addition, the grey quartz stone slab gives a sense of calm and calm vision. In principle, the gray tone is neither warm nor cold. Many people will choose this gray tone as their home decoration style, and Grey Quartz Slab matches other colors. In this way, it will not appear dull and give people a sense of sophistication.

Light Grey Quartz Slabs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and easy-to-maintain surface for the kitchen or bathroom countertops. Their hard, smooth texture is resistant to both stains and moisture, making them a breeze to clean. Plus, their non-porous surface means that they won’t harbor bacteria or other contaminants.
The surface of Artificial Grey Quartz does not allow liquids or other substances to pass through it, so it does not require any additional sealing.
The Grey Quartz Slab for Countertops is a custom-made solution for your kitchen. 
You can order a kitchen island or bar solution in the exact size and depth you need, with cut-outs for your sink, tap, and cooktop with our Light Grey Quartz Jumbo Slab.

Looking for a sleek and modern design for your kitchen or bathroom countertops? Look no further than grey quartz! Perfect Stone’s Quartz series offers a variety of grey quartz designs to suit any taste. Whether you’re looking for a light and airy feel or a dark and dramatic look, grey quartz is a perfect choice. At Perfect Stone, we specialize in creating custom countertops, islands, and bar tops for multifamily and hospitality projects. No matter what your vision is, our team of experts can bring it to life. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services possible. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.
We offer a wide range of grey quartz for kitchen or bathroom countertops, from budget-friendly level-one options to luxurious level-four choices. With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. Grey Engineered Quartz Slab comes in different grades, from the cheapest with grains to the higher-cost plain/solid grey, or the more luxurious grey with veins, concrete greys, and so on.

Product Information of Engineered Quartz Stone: 

Materials 93% high-purity acid-washed quartz stone, 7% polymer material, a small amount of inorganic pigment
Categories Calacatta White Quartz 


Interior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor and out decoration, widely used for countertops, vanity tops, etc…

FOB port


Regular Size

3000*1400mm/3200*1600mm/Customized Size


Finish Way



Wooden Boundless

Delivery time

15 ~20 days after the order was confirmed

Payment Terms

T/T, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping CD               

Nice Gray is a quartz color from China. We provide more than 30 varieties of quartz for your choice, from white to black, and a wide range of colors.

Engineered Quartz Slabs Series- Light Grey Collection | Perfect Stone

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2   126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2 

Lovely gray quartz is best used for indoor installation, both for commercial and residential use. Perfect kitchen countertops, office lobbies, and even hall floors. This durable quartz can be used in panels and is recommended for indoor and outdoor projects, including landscaping, beds, outdoor countertops, and walls.

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2   126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2

If you are interested in our grey quartz slabs, welcome to buy or wholesale our grey quartz slabs products. We have more than 15 years of stone production experience and are one of the professional stone manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come on, enjoy our cheap prices and great service.

Light Grey Quartz Jumbo Slabs For Kitchen Countertops Designs 

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2

-Grey Quartz Engineered Stone Slabs For Kitchen Island Tops, Bench Tops, and Worktops are perfectly matched with White Cabinets or other light color cabinets.

In China, the use of quartz stone for architectural design has increased to more than 70%, and this has significantly aided the growth of the domestic quartz stone market. Quartz stone is being utilized more and more in China as social economics and technology advance. Products are becoming better and more varied.

Professional Quartz Stone Slabs and Countertops Factory | Perfect Stone

According to market survey data, artificial quartz stone has a market share of up to 70% in my nation, and the product market has promising futures. It is a crucial component in creating contemporary home furnishings and green construction materials.

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2   126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2

  Sand consisting of quartz is compressed at a high temperature to create artificial quartz stone. Specifically, glass fibers create a unique crystal structure in artificial quartz stone (or other fiber-reinforced materials). It may be classified into two groups based on composition: quartz stone which is naturally occurring and quartz stone which is created artificially. It may be split into two groups based on how well it performs: natural quartz sand-based natural quartz stone and ceramic-grade quartz sand-based artificial quartz stone (man-made).

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2

Perfect Stone is a modern joint-stock enterprise that specializes in artificial quartz stone slab production and stone products sales. With the various advanced international types of equipment and scientific management systems and measurements, our high-quality, high-level, and the dedicated working team develops multi-sized, multi-series, and multi-colored high-end artificial stone products.

126x63 Inch Light Grey Quartz Slab - quartz-slab-2