Heartwarming Latest Design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab

Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab

Introduction Artificial granite, also known as synthetic stone, reconstituted stone, engineering stone. Granite was originally crushed and mixed with stones, and was mostly used to construct outdoor imitation stone landscapes, such as flower pots, sculptures, and European moldings. Later, higher-quality products by vacuum extrusion appeared, which retained the texture of the Latest design Slight Grey […]

Marble, a new trend to fall in love with at first sight!

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Introduce From the ancient Stone Age to today, from primitive hunting tools to contemporary high-tech building materials, stone has always been warm along with the evolution of human history. Many people are confused about which materials to choose when decorating. Today we Let’s talk about why stone will become the first choice for your home […]

China Onyx Stone Suppliers Take You To Know About Onyx Stone

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How agate is formed   China Onyx Stone suppliers generally believe that the primary Onyx Stone is formed by the residual hydrothermal fluid of magma. This hydrothermal fluid fills in the voids of volcanic rocks such as basalt and rhyolite or forms agate balls due to the different shapes of voids. After the action of […]

China Onyx Stone Suppliers Talk About Onyx Stone

Latest design Blue Onyx Slab Stone For Kitchen Island

Agate stone introduction Cao Pi’s “Agate Le Fu” records that “Agate belongs to the family of jade. Either it is used to tie the neck, or it is used as decoration. There is also Si Le, and it is beautiful.” From ancient times to the present, agate has been appreciated by people for its unique […]

China Onyx Stone Suppliers Popular Knowledge Of Agate

Latest design Iran Colorful Jade Onyx For Interior Decoration

Formation of agate   Perfect Stoneas China Onyx Stone suppliers to introduce agate stone, agate is a kind of chalcedony minerals, often a banded block mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz, hardness 7-7.5 degrees, specific gravity 2.65, color quite layered. Available in translucent or opaque. Commonly used as ornaments or toy.   Onyx natural has […]

Why Quartz Stone So Popular As Countertop

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Quartz stone countertop: quartz stone countertop  is a new kind of new technology artificial stone which made by fine and gorgeous stone whose manufacturing process is connected with a set of most advanced and patented system.The product contains over 90% natural quartz or granite, which is combined with a super high performance resin and special pigment.On […]

Xiangxuemei Marble·Interior Decoration Effect Display

PERFECT STONE - Xiangxuemei Marble·Interior Decoration Effect Display

Xiangxuemei Series-The one who smells is fascinated, and the one who sees is intent     “The pattern is chaotic and the spirit is not chaotic.” On the big white board, it becomes a real Xiangxuemei, proud of snow and frost, open in the cold, very aesthetic texture   The simple living room is full […]

Why Is Tan Brown Granite Is So Popular

PERFECT STONE - Why Is Tan Brown Granite Is So Popular

Among all the granite products on the market, Tan Brown is probably the most famous one. In various granite sales lists and popularity lists, Tan Brown almost ranks in the top three. Even in recent years, the profits and sales of imported granite have been declining year by year, and some have even been eliminated […]

Why Natural Floor Tiles Are Perfect For Your Home?

PERFECT STONE - Why Natural Floor Tiles Are Perfect For Your Home?

Natural Crystal White Marble is not only beautiful but is a durable natural stone, which can be carved and formed into a variety of beautiful patterns. One can create stunning works of art with Natural Crystal White Marble. This natural stone has been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for both interior and exterior […]