Why Do You Choose Giallo SF Real Granite For Countertop?

Giallo SF Real is a kind of yellow granite quarried in Brazil, with ethereal texture, delicate and soft, giving people a refreshing and natural feeling. Its ecological and environmental protection, excellent material, and beautiful texture can be used as board decoration or home countertops. It is widely used in the exterior walls of villas, and […]

Why Is Granite So Hard?

Granite is not only hard, it is also one of the hardest rocks on the surface, second only to diamonds. It not only has high hardness, but is also more difficult to process than marble. It is also resistant to acid, weathering, and water erosion. It has a compressive strength of 15,000~20,000 psi. Under normal […]

What’s Travertine?

Travertine is named because there are many holes on the surface of the stone. The scientific name of the stone is tuff or travertine. Commercially, it is classified as marble. Humans have used this stone for a long time, and the most representative building of Roman culture-the arena is the original masterpiece of travertine. The […]

The Advantages Of Natural Stone In Modern Architectural Decoration

With the changes of the times, humans' aesthetic taste improves and they pursue uniqueness. Because of its natural properties, stone can satisfy people's pursuit of permanent and unique inner desires and is favored. Elegant Natural stone has the characteristics of noble and elegant, bright and translucent, hard and permanent, and different stones have different gorgeousness. […]

Tips For Stone Countertops

Regarding the maintenance of stone countertops, whether it is natural stone or artificial stone, it needs maintenance to extend its useful life. Here is a brief introduction to simple maintenance: 1. The spill will penetrate into the surface, so when the spill occurs, wipe it off immediately to avoid staining. 2. The surface of the […]

What About The Surface Treatment Of Stone?

There are at least three reasons why natural stone must be surface treated before being used in interior spaces:‍ 1. In order to meet the safety of the stone itself: because the stone is a natural material, if it is not surface-treated, it will easily return to alkali, yellowing, or even weathering after application due […]

What’s The Meaning Of Small Size Stone Products?

(1) Improve stone material yield rate and save stone resources Natural stone resources are not regenerated, and one portion is used less. Cherishing natural stone resources is a responsibility of our stone people and also the responsibility of building decoration companies. When stone products are designed with large size specifications, it has a great impact […]

What’s G654 Dark Grey Granite?

The texture of G654 granite countertops is clear and natural. Granite has a wide variety of shades, colors and textures, and a wide range of options are available. The color of G654 granite is particularly beautiful after polishing, showing the luxury and nobleness. If you use it to make a variety of special-shaped products to […]

How To Refurbish Granite Floor?

Granite, is mainly composed of quartz and mica. The Mohs hardness value is about 6.5. The texture is hard. It is prone to natural weathering and abrasion after long-term use. Its performance is characterized by the shedding of mica. At this time, a small amount of concave pits appear on the surface of the stone. […]

How To Maintain The Light-colored Stone Bathroom Countertops?

In modern home decoration, especially the new generation of young people born in the 80s and 90s, they especially like the decoration of light-colored series. Bathrooms are mostly made of light-colored series of stones. After a long period of time, you will find that there will be yellowing and the gloss is not strong. So […]