Why Choose Natural Marble For Home Decoration Background Wall?

PERFECT STONE - Why Choose Natural Marble For Home Decoration Background Wall?

A soul-enriched background wall is decorated with natural marble. The texture of marble and the beauty of natural texture are fascinating. Regardless of grade, texture, and aura, it reveals artistic beauty. ● First of all, the interface of the stone background wall is clean and neat, and the visual experience is very comfortable. ● Excellent […]

Where Will We Use The Calcacatta Marble?

PERFECT STONE - Where Will We Use The Calcacatta Marble?

Calacatta white marble comes from Italy, for it is limited availability and high demand from all over the world that makes it very valuable. There are very fine grains in the slabs with heavy and bolder veining with a classic look. For its advantage and exclusive characters of dramatic veining, It is very popular among […]

What’s Leather Black Marble Slab?

PERFECT STONE - What's Leather Black Marble Slab?

What’s leather marble? The so-called “leather & antique stone” refers to the special surface treatment of natural granite or marble, so that the surface of the stone appears similar to the natural wave surface or texture after weathering, and the stone has a natural wear effect after long-term use (approximately matt or high-gloss effect). In […]

What’s Serpenggiante Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What's Serpenggiante Marble?

“Natural wood grain, elegant color, large board volume”, the three characteristics of Guizhou white wood grain have made it famous, and it is known as the representative of Qiandi wood grain stone. The color of the material is stable, and the grain is clear. It is a good stone for architectural decoration, handicrafts, monuments, reliefs, […]

What’s Silver Dragon Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What's Silver Dragon Marble?

The physical properties of silver dragon marble: bulk density: 2.69g/cm3, water absorption: 0.17%, compressive strength: 629Mpa, flexural strength: 136Mpa, surface porosity: 0.47%, abrasion test: 2.9mm, impact test: 30cm. Grain color: its appearance is divided into two types, black and gray, black silver-white dragon has white patterns on black background, and gray silver-white dragon has white […]

What’s The Kinds Of Emperador Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What's The Kinds Of Emperador Marble?

Generally, from the color, the brown marble can be divided into 3 categories: 1. Light brown emperador marble Its background color is light brown, with a little white flower, good gloss, easy to glue, suitable for buildings with higher decorative levels. 2. Dark brown emperador marble Its background color is dark brown, with a lot […]

What’s Calacatta White Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What's Calacatta White Marble?

Calacatta White Marble Tiles Origin Italy Category: Decoration Stones – Wall Panel Competitive Price   Price Country: Italy 169 Views   Views Material Type: Marble 32 Likes   Likes Main Color: White Surface Finish: Polished Reference Price: US$ / M2 Shipping Port: Xiamen Minimum Order: 10 M2 Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Packing Details:  Delivery Ability: Applications: Cut to […]

What’s Black Zebra Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What's Black Zebra Marble?

Black zebra marble is actually a kind of marble. The main place of production is Jiangxi, China. The background color of ancient wood grain is black, but the main feature of ancient wood grain marble is that the grain color is mixed with black and white and yellow, which looks like the texture of ancient […]

What Should We Do If The White Marble Turns Yellow?

PERFECT STONE - What Should We Do If The White Marble Turns Yellow?

Marble is the most common material for decoration nowadays. There are many natural patterns on the surface of marble. The patterns seem to be messy, but in this case, it shows a lot of natural beauty, which makes it so popular with people. Among them, white marble is the most popular marble, but white marble […]