What Is Nanocrystalline Stone?

PERFECT STONE - What Is Nanocrystalline Stone?

Nanocrystalline stone is a kind of mineral-filled polymer composite material (referred to as solid surface material or solid plate) that is made of nanomaterials, natural stone powder and natural pigments through vacuum casting or compression molding. It is a kind of non-radioactive element and environmentally friendly , Reusable new green building decoration materials.   Nanocrystalline […]

What’s New Material Sintered Stone?

PERFECT STONE - What's New Material Sintered Stone?

Usage: Sintered stone is mainly used in household and kitchen board fields. As a new species in the home furnishing field, compared to other home furnishing products, Yanban Home has the characteristics of large specifications, strong moldability, diverse colors, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-permeation, acid and alkali resistance, zero formaldehyde, environmental protection and health. […]

Amethyst Slabs For Sale

PERFECT STONE - Amethyst Slabs For Sale

The scarcity of luxury stone, the unique charm,and glamour, is an understanding of poetic nature and a return to natural aesthetics. Gems have always been forbidden by jewelry designers, but recently they have become the new favorite of interior designers. Beautiful natural agates, crystals, and semi-precious stones have incomparably gorgeous color patterns, natural, simple, and […]

Calacatta Quartz

PERFECT STONE - Calacatta Quartz

Pure white itself can make the kitchen full of romance, and the countertop also uses “fish-belly white”, which is the closest natural color. The color is pure and white, and the texture is light and elegant, giving the kitchen an inherent fashion charm. It doesn’t need too much color or too much modification. By expressing […]

Repair And Cleaning Tips For Quartz Stone Countertops

PERFECT STONE - Repair And Cleaning Tips For Quartz Stone Countertops

In the decoration of kitchen cabinets, the current mainstream is quartz stone countertops. Because of their hardness and density, quartz stone countertops are not easier to bleed, scratch-resistant, and easier to clean. However, the kitchen belongs to the place covered by oily smoke. For a long time, the quartz stone countertops will be negatively affected, […]

What Is A Sintered Stone ? What Material Is The Sintered Stone ?

PERFECT STONE - What Is A Sintered Stone ? What Material Is The Sintered Stone ?

1. Revolutionary new materials? In 2018, rock slabs set off a small upsurge in the ceramic industry. At present, domestic ceramic companies mainly operate rock slabs by setting up imported brick platforms; second, domestic companies produce themselves, but such companies are rare, and there are only a handful of them. Others are foreign brands that […]

Why Choose Quartz Stone Countertop?

PERFECT STONE - Why Choose Quartz Stone Countertop?

1. Not easy to scratch Quartz stone has a quartz content of up to 93%, and its surface hardness can be as high as 7 on the Mohs scale, which is greater than sharp tools such as knives and shovel used in the kitchen, and will not be scratched by it. 2. No pollution Quartz […]