The PERFECT STONE Project Collection of Luxury Home & Commercial Designs

Here are some of our projects.

Stone and architectural works done by PERFECT STONE!

We are a qualified and reputable stone work contracting company, Including the following scope of works:

1) Stone facade

3) Internal stone finish (floorings & walls)

5) Floor tiles (wet and glue) installation

7) Kerb stone

9) Water jet designs and borders

11) Kitchen tops

13) Stairs (tread and size)

15) Regular designs

17) All types of engraved designs

2) Stone paving

4) Vanity cabinets

6) Wall tile (wet and mechanical) installation

8) Mosaic designs and borders 

10) Vanity tops

12) Pavings (tiles and cubes)

14) Columns

16)  All types of artwork (edges, curving, chamfering)

18) All types of finishes

Ps. Finish treatment: Polished, honed, sand blasted, flamed, bushed and hammered.