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What are the advantages of granite countertops? how to choose

Advantages of granite countertops

1. Add value

If you use Excellent G617 Grey Granite Slab as a kitchen countertop, you can increase the value of the house itself, which is a good investment in itself. Granite countertops can make your kitchen much more elegant. When you want to sell your house, granite Countertops can help you increase the value of your house. If you have enough budget when decorating your house, you can choose granite countertops.

2. beautiful

There is a certain difference between granite and ordinary man-made materials. Excellent Pineapple Granite Gate Posts has its own patterns and has been used for home decoration for nearly forty years. It may be more expensive compared to other items, but it is more aesthetically pleasing. And the durability of granite makes granite itself very cost-effective.

3. Natural color

Excellent Pineapple Granite Gate Posts has wonderful color changes, which cannot be imitated by man-made products. This naturally formed rock can create a personalized home style and make the kitchen have its own characteristics. If you look closely. You will find that the color of the granite changes with the light in the room. The color of granite, mottled or other styles run through the whole stone, and the color of the granite countertop itself makes the decoration of the whole kitchen very natural.

4. Prevent microorganisms

Excellent Pineapple Granite Gate Posts is one of the cleaner kitchen countertop materials because of its texture. Because there are no pores. It won’t harbor microbes and other kitchen grime. Of course, mold will not breed under such circumstances. Of course, if you use granite tiles, there are still mold problems and stains in the grout.

5. Easy to clean

The maintenance of granite kitchen countertops is suitable and simple. It only needs some knowledge. When cleaning granite, it can be cleaned with ordinary soapy water and a rag. Because the stone particles are fine. The porosity is low, staining is not the primary problem, as long as the granite is sealed or polished, this rock can be waterproof and moisture-proof, of course, it needs regular maintenance, sealing every 1-3 years.

6. Hard

Its solid appearance will not be scratched, and the hardness of granite is very high, second only to diamonds, so it is difficult to produce scratches.

7. High temperature resistance

Excellent Pineapple Granite Gate Posts has excellent heat dissipation properties, won’t blister or crack, and doesn’t leave marks when it comes into contact with hot objects, but a cushion is beneficial nonetheless. Moreover, the thermal expansion coefficient of granite is very low, and it is less affected by temperature, so it is relatively suitable for some extreme temperatures.
The above is some knowledge about granite. I hope these contents can help you better understand the stone of granite. Granite has many applications in decoration, which can not only make the room beautiful, but also improve the decoration style.

How to choose granite countertops

Factors such as color, smoothness, edge and thickness should be considered when selecting and purchasing granite countertops.
Some installation elements must be understood before installation.
Granite is an ideal material for countertops because it is both beautiful and durable.
Installing granite countertops in the kitchen can increase the beauty and taste.
Factors such as color, smoothness, edge and thickness should be considered when selecting and purchasing granite countertops.
Some installation elements must be understood before installation.
Here are some knowledge of choosing granite countertops and the key to purchase.

The first step: price comparison.

Many granite installation companies offer free installation.
Therefore, when comparing prices, aim to get the highest quality stone at the lowest price.
Check out granite samples, engineering, pictures and customer opinions.

The second step: choose the color of granite according to the style of the home.
Granite is a natural stone species and variations in color are very normal.
So, you don’t necessarily have to buy a granite countertop of the same color as the sample.

Step 3: Granite defects can affect the integrity of the structure.
Granite has natural dents and scratches that add to its natural beauty rather than detract from it.
If you are worried about granite defects and color, you can choose granite slabs.

Step 4: Choose the style of your sink.
No matter which sink you choose, the granite manufacturer will charge extra if cutting is required.
You must provide the sink formwork to the manufacturer, so it is best to purchase the sink first.

Step 5: Choose the thickness.

The thickness of granite countertops is usually 2-3 cm or 3/4-1 inch.
3cm granite countertops are more expensive, but stronger and more attractive.
However, 2 cm granite countertops usually require plywood support and trimming.

Step 6: Confirm the edge style.
If you don’t like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design a custom one.
When you use it with cabinets or other furniture, you need to trim the countertop.

Step 7: Ask the manufacturer if it can be installed without gaps.

Gaps in granite are common, and you can opt for a seamless installation, which may cost more.
Some workers leave seams next to the granite sink, but due to the long-term penetration of water, it will be gradually destroyed.

While granite is durable, if you hit it hard it will crack.
In terms of safety, pad a stand when cutting things on the granite countertop, put heavy tableware in the cabinet, and do not put bonsai or other things on the granite countertop.
Most granite manufacturers will seal it.
For maximum protection of granite countertops from staining and other damage, you need to seal them every two years.

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