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Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs Granite-Like Charm

It is often said that “the beauty of stone lies in its fineness”. There is nothing wrong with this sentence. You can experience this when facing the material of granite. Granite itself is of high quality, and with its beautiful patterns, you can get better results. This is also the charm of Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs.

The Beauty of Stone: The Charm of Granite

The charm of granite has been seen in different times and places, sometimes it is cold, and sometimes it is hot. Under different light irradiation, it presents different postures. In our opinion, granite is very beautiful. The beauty of Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs is also recognized by everyone.

Different granites have their own unique charm. For example, some granites have a strong sheen, while others have a soft sheen. Still, others have very intense colors, while others are soft and subtle.

Different shapes and sizes are also one of the charms of granite. Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs are square or square, while others are round or oval. The size is also very different, some are very large, and some are very small.

Because of this, people will use different shapes, different sizes, different luster, and different colors of granite to make interior decoration or make sculptures. By using granite, we can express what our heart wants to express.

PERFECT STONE - Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs Granite-Like Charm

 Formation of granite

A kind of igneous rock, which is the most widely distributed on the earth’s crust. It is a crystalline rock mass formed by the gradual cooling and condensation of magma in the depths of the earth’s crust. The main components are quartz, feldspar, and mica. Usually pinkish yellow, but also off-white. Hard texture, and beautiful color, is a good building material. Known as granite.

The formation of granite is mainly due to the movement of the earth’s crust. Shifts in the Earth’s crust create differences in pressure and temperature inside rocks, and these differences cause changes in the rock’s structure. Movement in the Earth’s crust also moves materials that create cracks in the rock’s surface. Cracks facilitate the breakdown of rock and allow the new rock to form.

The common ones in granite are reddish brown, red and purple (or violet); white and gray (or yellowish white), and so on. The main components of granite are magnesium stearate and aluminum silicate. Granite contains a small amount of quartz sand and is similar in chemical composition to olivine, but it is harder. Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs have an even and fine texture with a bright luster.

The main mineral components of granite are ash, silica, and alumina. Among them, ash accounts for more than 65% of the total. The color of granite can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, and black, among which green refers to a rock type composed of two colors. Among them, red represents igneous rocks, while yellow corresponds to sedimentary rocks.

Granite is mainly produced in continental Europe and is mainly distributed in Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. Granite is one of the oldest stones in nature. As early as the Tertiary Period, granite existed on the earth, which is commonly known as the “Paleozoic Era”. The granite in the Paleozoic period was gneiss-like, and later gradually became a plate-like structure. Geologically speaking, granite belongs to the orogenic belt, and granite is widely developed in this orogenic belt.

 Properties of Granite

  1. Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs are mainly made of quartz and high iron ore, and their composition contains silicate, ferrite, calcium salt, and so on.
  2.  Granite has strong impact resistance and can withstand great impact. Therefore, it is often used as an engineering material.
  3. Granite also has excellent refractory properties and can remain intact at high temperatures. Therefore, it is often used to make modern stoves and other industrial equipment.
  4. Granite also has certain resistance to chemicals and is not easy to corroded. This makes it an ideal crust material.

PERFECT STONE - Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs Granite-Like Charm

Applications of Granite

1. Building materials: Granite, as a stone with high strength and good durability, is more and more widely used in the construction industry. It can be used not only as decorative stone for exterior walls, but also as building materials such as floors, floors, and canopies.
2. Industrial materials: Granite is a high-quality raw material for manufacturing marble, Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs, marble floors, artificial marble, marble shiny stone.
3. Chemical raw materials: Granite is one of the important raw materials for the production of inorganic acids, coking cement, and synthetic ammonia.
4. Others: There are still many areas where granite is used, such as agricultural materials, medical materials, food processing materials, furniture manufacturing materials, etc.

Daily maintenance of granite

The application environment of Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs is also people’s living environment, therefore, it will inevitably be subject to some pollution brought by people’s daily work and life. Such as juice, cola, color stains, oil stains, hand stains, dust, etc. If these common pollutions cannot be removed in time, after a long time, they will leave stains that are difficult to remove on the stone, and some will damage the luster of the stone surface. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently clean or cleans the stones in these polluted environments, and even for some special occasions, special personnel must be assigned to clean or clean the stones frequently every day.

If you find wet liquid dirt on the ground or wall, wipe it with absorbent paper or cotton cloth in time. If it is water-based dirt, wipe it again with a cotton cloth dipped in water; if it is oily dirt, wipe it off with absorbent paper and cotton cloth as soon as possible. If the dirt still leaves penetrating stains after wiping, it should be cleaned with a corresponding cleaning agent depending on the nature or composition of the dirt.

For the maintenance of large-area stone floors, handle-type floor mopping machines, water suction machines, abrasive brushes, dust pushers, mops, towels, etc. are tools that can be considered. The use of the mopping machine can greatly improve the work efficiency and cleaning effect, and the use of the water suction machine can clean up the sewage on the cleaned ground in time.

Of course, in any case, water is the best and most important cleaning material. If necessary, adding some cleaning agent to the water can improve the cleaning quality. But it is worth noting that when using dust pushers, mops, and towels to wipe granite such as Excellent Bismark Brown Granite Slabs, do not use them with water and high humidity.

Because on the one hand, stones are prone to some lesions when they are exposed to too much water; After drying, the dust remains on the surface of the stone, which is the main reason why some floors always feel gray after being wiped with water.

Therefore, the daily cleaning of the stone floor should be combined with pushing and wiping. To push, you need to push it dry, make the cotton dust pusher slightly damp, or spray a little dust suction liquid on the dust pusher, so that the dust and sand on the ground can be cleaned in time. To wipe means to use a mop or towel to wipe off the water stains and liquid dirt on the ground in time.