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Quartz Stone That Makes Life Exquisite

What is Quartz Stone Countertop


Quartz countertops are favored by users because they have both the texture of natural marble and practical functions such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and penetration resistance. But most people don’t know about quartz stone countertops, and even some professional cabinets have misunderstandings when introducing products to owners, such as: they are pure natural, can be seamlessly spliced, and can not be burned.


First of all, the quartz stone countertop under the perfect stone is artificial. Its production process is to pulverize the natural quartz sand, and then purify it (this process removes metal impurities and avoids the radioactivity of the product).


After mixing the raw materials, quartz crystals (90%-94%), resins (6%) and trace pigments are made into large-scale plates by isomeric polymerization technology under vacuum conditions, and then the surface is polished in more than 30 processes. sanded.


Having a perfect kitchen can improve the quality of your life, I value the countertop because it is used so often.

Kitchen countertops should not only be strong enough to last, but also easy to clean, otherwise after we move in, just cleaning the countertops is enough to give us a headache.

PERFECT STONE - Quartz Stone That Makes Life Exquisite

The advantages of quartz stone countertops


The main material for making quartz stone countertops is quartz crystal. In addition, resins, pigments and some additives will be added in the production process. After vacuum and high pressure, the quartz stone countertops we have seen can be made.


The latest design Natural Split G603 Cube Granite countertop is loved by many people mainly because of the following advantages:




Latest design Natural Split G603 Cube Granite countertop is a relatively affordable material among kitchen countertops. If your kitchen area is not particularly large, then the countertops used in the entire kitchen are about one or two thousand yuan. about.


Compared to marble countertops and other countertops, the Excellent Natural Split G603 Cube Granite

It is an economical choice, and it is precisely because of its price that it is welcomed by more people.


②The performance of quartz stone is better


Quartz stone itself has good performance, it is relatively hard in texture, and has the properties of wear resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as certain flame retardant and high temperature resistance properties, which is more suitable for kitchen.


When choosing kitchen countertops, we will basically pay more attention to the wear resistance and flame retardant performance of kitchen countertops. These properties are also particularly important for our life after moving in. Quartz stone just meets these needs of everyone, so it is received by welcomed by many people.


Although the performance of the Excellent Natural Split G603 Cube Granite countertop is not the most perfect among all kitchen materials, it can be regarded as a relatively satisfactory style, which is completely sufficient for ordinary family life.


 What kind of material is the kitchen countertop

1.Quartz countertop: coarse particle board + fine particle board + powder board


Quartz stone coarse particle board has few processing steps and mature technology, but the pattern and style are relatively simple, it looks ordinary, and the price is the cheapest.


For the quartz stone fine particle board, the quartz stone sand is polished finer, and the small particles are distributed on it. The overall look is more delicate, and the contrast with the coarse particles is still obvious.


Powder board, it is a noble in quartz stone, such as solid color board, pattern board and other styles. Compared with quartz stone with particles, the biggest difference is that it is expensive. Each piece is decorative, and both countertops and background walls can be used.


The surface texture can be divided into bright surface, matte surface, and leather texture surface. Among them, various production processes such as terrazzo technology and embossing are also used, so the price is expensive. Because its particles are too fine, the wear resistance is worse than that of the coarse particle board.


Price: powder board>fine particle board>coarse particle board


Wear resistance: coarse particle board > fine particle board > powder board


Hardness: Coarse particle board = fine particle board > powder board

PERFECT STONE - Quartz Stone That Makes Life Exquisite

2. Whether the quartz stone particles are large or small


The particles of Excellent Natural Split G603 Cube Granite countertops are indeed large and small. According to different classifications of quartz stone, it is divided into single-color particle board, particle board with lens, two-color texture board, multi-color texture board and cement board. Bad is not defined by particle size alone.


We can only distinguish this way, because the larger the surface area of ​​the quartz stone, the more binder is needed. As long as the material is good enough, the quality is very reliable whether it is a large particle or a small particle.


3. The difference between single color and double color of quartz stone


The difference between the two mainly refers to the background color. The one with only one background color is a single color, and the one with two different background colors is called two-color. It has nothing to do with whether there are particles such as glass and Musk. Generally speaking, two-color quartz stone is more expensive than single-color quartz stone, which is determined according to different colors and patterns!


4. How to choose the thickness of quartz stone countertops


The regular Excellent Natural Split G603 Cube Granite countertops are available in two sizes, 1.5cm and 2cm, and a thickness of 1.5cm is sufficient for common kitchen countertops. The decoration is all thrifty and frugal. You don’t set a standard for decoration, and you can choose a 2cm thicker countertop.

5. Quartz stone countertop craft selection pad or pad


The market is generally used to cushion Excellent Natural Split G603 Cube Granite quartz stone countertops, mainly pads and pads. In fact, no matter which one is used, it will make the countertop more evenly stressed and reduce the chance of the countertop cracking.


The pads are distributed by point, and the rest is empty. The backing board is a whole piece that is laid under the countertop and fits very tightly. To tell the difference between the two, the pad is heavy and cheap, and the pad is light and expensive.


There are three or four pads under the countertops of many cabinets, and it is expensive to add more. People who don’t understand think that the more you add, the better the stability, but in fact, adding three is enough, and more than four is a pit for money.


Honeycomb pads are also called countertop companions. They are generally made of plastic and have no elasticity. They are not only load-bearing and compression-resistant, but also reduce noise. For example, thin, light and brittle rock slabs can only be used as pads and not with pads, otherwise they will be easily broken.