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Heartwarming Latest Design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab


Artificial granite, also known as synthetic stone, reconstituted stone, engineering stone. Granite was originally crushed and mixed with stones, and was mostly used to construct outdoor imitation stone landscapes, such as flower pots, sculptures, and European moldings. Later, higher-quality products by vacuum extrusion appeared, which retained the texture of the Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab, with rich and varied colors and good wear resistance, and were mostly used for interior walls, floors and countertops as decoration.


The Latest Design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab is made of natural marble or granite crushed stone as filler, cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesive, after stirring, grinding and polishing. So Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab has many properties of natural marble.

PERFECT STONE - Heartwarming Latest Design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab

Because artificial marble can be adjusted manually, it has a variety of colors, good flexibility, inconspicuous connection processing, strong overall feeling, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high surface hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and Very easy to clean. At present, the common artificial marbles on the market usually have the following four types: cement artificial marble, polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, and sintered artificial marble.


With the development of modern construction, perfect stone puts forward the requirements of light weight, high strength, beauty and variety of decorative materials. Artificial Stone veneer stone appears in this situation. It is light in weight, high in strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, convenient in construction, and the pattern can be controlled manually. It is an ideal decorative material for modern buildings.


The latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab is processed by imitating the surface texture of marble, with similar mechanism characteristics of marble, and the pattern can be controlled and determined by the designer, with good reproducibility. In addition, artificial marble is anti-pollution, has good machinability, can be made into curved, curved and other shapes, and is convenient for construction.


Marble furniture not only has extremely high requirements on the sturdiness and environmental protection of the board, but also strictly controls the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people mistakenly believe that marble and furniture will have radiation, and it is inevitable to have some concerns when purchasing. In fact, both the natural marble coffee table and the Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab coffee table on the market have no radiation, and it is impossible for a large marble with radiation to be manufactured as a coffee table and sold in the market.


Classification of artificial marble


Among the four Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab decorative panels, the polyester type is the most commonly used, with the best physical and chemical properties, easy pattern design, reproducibility, suitable for many purposes, but relatively high price. Cement type is the cheapest, but has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to micro-cracks, so it is only suitable for plates. The other two production processes are complicated and have little application.


1. Cement type


This Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab uses various cements as binders, sand as fine aggregates, and crushed marble, granite, industrial waste residues, etc. as coarse aggregates. It is made of raised, polished and polished, commonly known as terrazzo, also known as epoxy floor.


2. Polyester type


This artificial marble uses unsaturated polyester as a binder, and is stirred and mixed with quartz sand, Marble, calcite powder, etc., cast and molded, and cured under the action of a curing agent. After demolding, drying, polishing and other processes production. Our country uses this method to produce artificial marble.


3. Compound type


This Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab is composed of inorganic materials and organic polymer materials. After the filler is bonded and formed with inorganic materials, the green body is immersed in organic monomers to polymerize under certain conditions. For the board, the bottom layer is made of inexpensive and stable inorganic materials, and the surface layer is made of polyester and marble powder.


4. Sintered type


This artificial marble is made by mixing feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite powder, hematite powder, and a small amount of kaolin, etc., to prepare a billet by a mud method, forming it by a semi-dry pressing method, and using a high temperature of about 1000 ℃ in a kiln Sintered.

PERFECT STONE - Heartwarming Latest Design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab

Features of artificial marble


Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab is based on unsaturated polyester resin as binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powders, as well as an appropriate amount of flame retardant, color, etc. A kind of artificial stone made by mixing, casting, vibrating compression, extrusion and other methods to form and solidify. Artificial stone is artificially researched according to the problems in actual use. It has made great progress in moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and patchwork. Of course, man-made things naturally have man-made shortcomings, and the naturalness of artificial stone is obviously insufficient, so it is used in cabinets and other places with high practical requirements, and less emphasis on decoration for windowsills and floors.


The advantages of artificial marble

1. Resource advantage


The main raw material of artificial stone, natural stone scraps, can be said to be inexhaustible. This enables the development of the artificial stone industry to have resource guarantees.


2. Technical advantages


The Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab industry has gone through nearly half a century from its birth to the present. During this half century, the artificial stone technology has made great progress and accumulated rich technical resources. In terms of raw materials, auxiliary materials, formulations, adhesives, colors, varieties, specifications, scientific research systems, and technological maturity of production systems, artificial stone materials all have the foundation for great development.


3. Market advantage


A rapidly developing country’s demand for home decoration materials can be said to be infinite, so artificial stone has an infinite market space, and the capacity of artificial stone in the world market can be imagined.


4. Management advantages


In my country, the building materials industry has developed into an industrial cluster with complete upstream and downstream industry chains and comprehensive functions. A large building materials industry system has been formed. The framework of industry management and industry management has been established and improved. The man-made stone industry now has the conditions for rapid development.


5. Channel advantage


After more than 30 years of development, in the field of building decoration materials, we have formed a one-stop, three-dimensional, highly developed building materials circulation system from construction, design, agents, dealers and manufacturers at all levels. Our building materials circulation channels have been formed. It brings great convenience to the circulation of artificial stone.


6. Policy advantages


The Latest design Slight Grey Artificial Marble Slab of Perfect Stone belongs to a circular economy industry that is actively encouraged by the state to develop the concept of recycling waste, resource reuse, energy saving and green production. Compared with the production method of high energy consumption of ceramics, the green production of artificial stone The method has huge advantages and will become more and more obvious.