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Marble, a new trend to fall in love with at first sight!


From the ancient Stone Age to today, from primitive hunting tools to contemporary high-tech building materials, stone has always been warm along with the evolution of human history. Many people are confused about which materials to choose when decorating. Today we Let’s talk about why stone will become the first choice for your home improvement

Marble is formed from sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks of sedimentary rocks, the main component is calcium carbonate, its content is about 50%-75%, and it is weakly alkaline. Some marbles contain a certain amount of silica, and some do not. The particles are fine (referring to calcium carbonate), the surface stripe distribution is generally irregular, and the hardness is low. Marble is named after Dali, Yunnan Province, my country is rich in this stone.

PERFECT STONE - Marble, a new trend to fall in love with at first sight!

Material properties

Marble is a natural stone. After processing, it is mainly used for floor and wall decoration. It is very popular in the market due to its advantages of wear resistance and heat resistance. Introduce the characteristics of marble:

1. China Marble has good decorative properties, does not contain radiation, and has bright and rich colors from Marble Colors, which are widely used in interior walls and floors.
2. Marble has stable physical properties and meticulous organization. The impacted grains fall off, the surface has no burrs, and its plane accuracy is not affected. The material is stable, which can ensure long-term non-deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, anti-rust, anti-magnetic, insulation.
3. China marble has excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving, etc.
4. Marble resources are widely distributed, which is convenient for large-scale mining and industrial processing.
5. However, marble is easily weathered and has poor wear resistance. Long-term exposure to outdoor conditions will gradually lose its luster, color, and even cracks. It is generally believed that the service life of marble wall panels with normal thickness (20~30mm) used outdoors is only 10~20 years.
6. Marble is generally used for indoor walls in buildings. When used outdoors, it needs to undergo special waterproof and anti-corrosion protection treatment. When used for indoor floors, it needs to be polished and maintained to protect the finish.

Marble features

1. On appearance

Smart texture creates design surprises for the home: among many natural stones, the texture pattern formed by marble is flexible and natural, with thousands of changes, with its own freehand effect, making it find a fusion point with the contemporary simple and refined design style, so it is highly valued by designers. Favor, can bloom many surprises in the hands of designers.

2. On texture

Move non-renewable natural art into your home: Stone has super durability and durability, and has been the most important building and decorative material since ancient times. Most of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world are stone buildings.

The value of a thing is often proportional to its long formation cycle. Like diamonds, natural marble is an artistic gift of natural evolution and a non-renewable resource. It is precisely because this concept is rooted in people’s hearts that we feel it is extremely precious. ‍

3. On craftsmanship

Free creation to meet individual needs: natural marble has strong plasticity. With the gradual maturity of marble production technology, the current technology can realize various cutting and deep processing of marble, which gives designers more creative freedom and can better marble marble. Applied to interior decoration.

4. On collocation

Combining different materials to produce exquisite texture: natural marble has natural texture and delicate texture, which can be perfectly matched with furniture of different materials such as wood and metal.

Matching with metal furniture, the line outline of metal can bring out the hard and full texture of marble, making the home space full of exquisite style.

5. On Trends

Marble home fashion has become unstoppable: in this era of advocating nature and natural lifestyles, people are more and more seeking to return to the original, preferring to bring home natural elements such as logs, stones, and plants.

PERFECT STONE - Marble, a new trend to fall in love with at first sight!

Application of marble

1. Marble floor

Marble floor brings luxury to people, and the feeling of atmosphere is a must for many luxury houses. Its unique texture can make the whole room very atmospheric and bring a sense of luxury to the decoration. The marble floor is not only high-value, but also very durable and easy to maintain. The service life of materials such as tiles is also longer.

2. Marble background wall

Using marble as the most important background wall in home decoration will appear very high-end unique texture, distinctive color
Let the grade of the living room improve. The simple patterns on the marble can bring a sense of hierarchy to the living room and make the space more transparent and bright.

3. Other applications

In addition to the above-mentioned marble, it can also be used in home decoration. For example, in the kitchen or bathroom, marble can be used as cabinet. The texture and color of marble are a kind of natural beauty~

Friends who are concerned about fashion should know that there is nothing hotter than natural marble. Latest design Royal White Marble Slabs For Walling is not only active in the fashion circle but also an active factor in the home environment.

“Home is built without stone”, marble or luxury or simplicity, or timeless or restrained. It represents the solid foundation of a family and the prosperity of a family, all of which are our love for Shishi, a single love, and a high expectation and expectation for our family!

People living in cities will begin to like the original feeling of returning to nature more and more, so there will be many elements in home decoration, all derived from nature, marble gives people the feeling of calm and comfort, such as Latest design Royal White Marble Slabs For Walling also often uses this element in home decoration, giving the interior a hint of wildness.

Marble is frequently used in decoration, which is a pursuit of real nature by modern people, and the texture of marble can also bring people a very relaxed feeling. Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers, the unique texture of marble, the luxurious high-end feeling of warmth and the texture of jade are more and more loved by more and more people!