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China Onyx Stone Suppliers Popular Knowledge Of Agate

Formation of agate


Perfect Stoneas China Onyx Stone suppliers to introduce agate stone, agate is a kind of chalcedony minerals, often a banded block mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz, hardness 7-7.5 degrees, specific gravity 2.65, color quite layered. Available in translucent or opaque. Commonly used as ornaments or toy.


Onyx natural has a long history. About 100 million years ago, underground magma was ejected in large quantities due to changes in the earth’s crust. When the lava cooled, steam and other gases formed bubbles. The air bubbles are sealed when the rock freezes, creating many holes. Much later, the holes were dipped into a solution containing silica and coagulated into silica gel. The fusible components of the iron-bearing rock enter the silica gel, and finally the silica crystallizes into agate.

PERFECT STONE - China Onyx Stone Suppliers Popular Knowledge Of Agate

Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers suggest that it is generally believed that native agate is formed by the residual hydrothermal fluid of magma. This hydrothermal fluid fills in the voids of volcanic rocks such as basalt and rhyolite. Depending on the shape of the voids, it is either agate balls or agate veins. After the action of natural forces, the original agate fell off, and then was impacted by torrents, transported by running water, and ground into pebbles. This is what we see in the gravel layer of agate stone.


Yuhua stone is famous in the world for its natural beauty of strange patterns and bright colors. Its circle pattern is formed by silica gel surrounding the voids and cavities of the volcanic rock, starting from the inner wall and depositing layer by layer from the outside to the inside. During its growth, periodic diffusion of colored ions and compounds often occurs.


Agate is classified by color


Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers tell you that the types of agate can be divided into red agate, white agate, black agate, blue agate, green agate, purple agate, Beige Onyx Marble Slabs, etc, and the purple-green agate that appeared in recent years.


Among them, red agate is the most familiar and loved by the public. Nanhong in the red agate family is the most popular jewelry on the market in recent years. The purple-green agate is loved by jade carvers because of its unique two-color, and its value has doubled in recent years.


1. White Agate


Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers The banded structure in white agate is due to subtle differences in color or transparency. Except for those with larger pieces and more uniform color for engraving, most of the white agate needs to be dyed before they can be used.


2. Onyx


China Onyx Stone suppliers tell you that the red agate produced in nature is rarely dark in color, mostly in lighter maroon and orange red. In the block, red and white bands of different shades and transparency are alternately distributed. The red color is caused by fine iron oxide particles.

PERFECT STONE - China Onyx Stone Suppliers Popular Knowledge Of Agate

3. Green Onyx


Naturally produced green agate rarely has a particularly bright color, mostly a light gray-green color, which is produced by the fine minerals such as chlorite.


4. Black Onyx


Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliersBlack agate has been widely used as a jade material since ancient times. In ancient times, people often used “pearl agate” to describe wealth. Many foreign legends mention that black onyx can bring happiness and confidence to the wearer and bring sweet dreams. Scholars regard black agate as the “third eye” in gemstones, symbolizing friendly love and hope.


5. Purple Agate


The color of purple agate is a single purple. There are very few pure purple agates, and they are generally slightly inferior. The color of this purple agate is more gray-purple, which is dull and not very bright. Sometimes you can see the natural waterline or “Clouds” look a bit muddy; while the fake purple agate is uniform purple in color, with good transparency, as clear as glass.


6. Purple-green agate


Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliersPurple and green agate are mostly blue-purple, green-purple colors, and the colors are not very blended. Although purple-green agate does not have dazzling colors, it gives people a sense of vitality. High-quality purple-green agate works even give people a lifelike feeling. Of course, this is not only because of the exquisite carvings of famous artists, but also with its unique color. have an inseparable relationship.


Agate maintenance method


  1. Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers remind you that agate products should avoid collision with hard objects. Due to the high hardness of agate, it is easy to be broken by impact, especially hollowed-out works are more likely to be damaged. Usually placed and carried should be firm and strong, or stored in a soft box.
  2. Agate worn or placed for a long time will produce oil or dust on the surface. Dust should be cleaned with a soft brush; oil should be washed with warm soapy water, and then rinsed with clean water.
  3. Agate products should avoid direct sunlight or supercooling and overheating, because agate will expand when heated, and the increase in molecular volume will affect the purchase of jade. Continuous exposure to high temperature will also cause agate to burst.
  4. Agate products should avoid contact with chemical reagents and other items as much as possible to avoid corrosion and affect their brightness and brightness.
  5. China Onyx Stone suppliers should try their best to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap or human sweat to prevent erosion and affect the vividness of agate.
  6. The storage space of water bile agate products should maintain proper humidity, especially in the drier winter, the air should be kept moist to maintain the balance of moisture.


Agate identification method


  1. Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers tell you to use a knife to check the hardness of agate, real agate is generally harder, scratching its surface with a knife will not leave scratches, while glass products can leave marks.
  2. Check whether there are stripes. The real agate generally has stripes, and it is more natural, while the fake stripes are more uniform.
  3. To see if there are bubbles, carefully observe with a magnifying glass, if there are bubbles, it means it is fake.
  4. Check the transparency of the agate, the real agate is translucent or opaque, the transparency is somewhat chaotic, and some can see the natural waterline, but the synthetic agate is generally more transparent and has no sense of hierarchy.
  5. Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers tell you that you can feel the weight of the agate, the agate is generally heavier, you can weigh the same size agate with both hands, the heavier one may be true. General plastic artificial agate feels lighter.
  6. The real agate is warm in winter and cool in summer. Feel the agate with your hand. The real one will be warm in winter and cool in summer, while the fake one will change with the temperature.


Perfect Stone as China Onyx Stone suppliers, today’s agate products can be roughly subdivided into Donghong, Nanhong, rock sugar, red clay, Brazil, Dzi, Xima, Warring States agate ring, Liaoma (including Tangma), Qing Dynasty Generation agate, Artificial Blue Onyx Slab,Central Asian silk, modern agate collection.