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Why Is Tan Brown Granite Is So Popular

Among all the granite products on the market, Tan Brown is probably the most famous one. In various granite sales lists and popularity lists, Tan Brown almost ranks in the top three. Even in recent years, the profits and sales of imported granite have been declining year by year, and some have even been eliminated by the market. The demand for Tan brown remains unabated.

The reason why Tan brown is so popular is inseparable from its unique pattern. This variety is mainly red-brown with a bile-like structure, and can be divided into dark red, light red, large flowers, small flowers, etc. according to the subtle changes in color, crystals, patterns, and the different opening angles of the blocks. From the perspective of industry insiders, Tan brown is not only delicate in texture, memorable in background color, but also full of changes in details. Used to decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces of high-end places, it can make the space more calm and atmospheric, revealing the elegant and low-key connotation temperament.

From a professional perspective, Tan brown is an alkaline igneous rock with a porphyritic structure, mainly composed of alkaline feldspar and quartz. It is produced in the Karimnagar area of Andhra pradesh on the Bay of Bengal in southern India. The distribution area of the mines is relatively concentrated, but the color and texture of Tan brown produced by different mines are different. In addition to Tan brown, granite stones such as gem brown, sapphire blue, chocolate brown, and coffee brown are also produced in the vast area around the mine. These stones can also be counted as members of the Tan brown granite family and are very suitable for wide use. Used for floor coverings, countertops, sculptures, tombstones, engineering exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, flooring, plaza engineering panels, environmental decorative roadside stones and other building and garden stone materials